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When to punch, or is a punch even needed?

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Was fit and picked up a new pair of boots.  Lange XT130s in 100mm width, size 24.5, sized down from my usual 25.5 (which were a bit big), foot length measures to 26.0.


Shell fit is great and very much a very snug race fit. (I'm ok with this).  I think I have at most 4mm behind my heel when fitting to shell. Not much space between my foot and shell horizontally.  


After heat molding the liner and getting a bunch of mountain days in, the boots perform fantastic and fit very well (cold toes aside....which is expected given how little space I have and how thin the liner is). 


My question, when I first put on my boots, I do get some significant pressure on both feet right in the medial arch. (no surprise as I can feel the shell width wise when shell fitting...so add a liner = more pressure).  This pressure is not a lot of fun, but seems to go away after about 15-20mins.  Not sure if this is a function of the liner compressing, or me just blocking out/accommodating to the discomfort.  It always feels good to get my boots off at the end of the day, but honestly have no issues leaving them on all day without needing to unbuckle.  


I know I can easily get the shells punched out a little, but wondering if that initial pressure/pain is "normal" for how tight I have my boots.  I certainly can live with it, but was curious if a slight punch was in order to get them perfectly dialed in.   I guess I'm worried about any future slop given the boots are so new right now......however also thinking since the shell fit is so tight, need I even worry about that?


On another note, I find the footbed on these boots to be crazy hard.  While great for skiing, I'm finding impacts to be very firm when in the park hitting the bigger kickers since there is no cushioning in the boot and the liner is so thin not much there either.


Would it be worthwhile to order a softer footbed from Lange, or again something I just live with given the type of boot I'm in.

I would be open to some insoles, but really don't think I have enough room in my boot to put anything with meaningful cushion in....my boots fit that tight.



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So boot is very small and you accept this OK>  That makes the pain part of the fit but can't see a reason why this is desirable.  Get it fixed.  Pain doesn't help you ski better, nor does a fit that is too tight in the arch area.  There should be some mobility so your foot can both pronate and supinate inside the boot.  Sounds as if currently your foot is blocked.  I'd get the medial area around your arch expanded.


Not familiar with that boot, but Lange may offer a soft boot board (zeppa) for it and that would solve the impact problems.



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Thanks for your reply Lou.

I'll go get them punched then.
Never had a boot with such a performance fit, I ski fine in it and they are great other then the initial discomfort.....wasn't sure if that is to be expected or not.

Sounds like the answer is no pain is ok, so that makes for an easy correction.

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