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Knee injury Q

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I had my right knee meniskus trimmed after injury a few years ago but now after a GS crasch a month ago I have pain on the lower inside part of my kneecap. Knee functions as normal and pain goes away when taking pain killers. Any thaughts?

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I hate to tell you, but that is about where the ACL attaches. Some ACL injuries (mine for example) are not all that painful.
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Thanks for the info. What are best/worst scenarios? Note that I have sofar not encuontered any movement or functional limitations. Pain is minor and disturbs me mainly at night while sleeping.
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As you probably know, there are lots of ACL threads with lots of info. In my case, my injury did not bother me after a few days. But if I loaded it in just the wrong direction it would go out. My ortho surgeon said it was what prior generations would call a "trick knee". Going out felt wrong but did not actually hurt after the first time.

Unfortunately there was some cumulative loosening and eventually I tore the meniscus. That hurt a lot and lead to surgical repair.

Many people, including some high level skiers, get by without an ACL. I think the key is targeted strengthening of the stabilizing muscles, which I did not do.

@marznc is our guru of ACL literature.

But the first step should be a real diagnosis.

It is also possible to sprain ligaments without fully tearing. My non-expert understanding is that some of the other knee ligaments (which could be your injury) have more blood supply and are therefore more able to heal.
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