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Tester Info:

Age: 55

Height/Weight: 5’10” 175 lb. (still working off Holiday turkey:(

Ski Days/Season: 8-10

Years Skiing: 37

Level:  Gaper before, advanced gaper with these skis.  Fairly athletic and in decent shape.

"Quiver"  Fischer RX8s 176

               Volkl Gotamas ~ 184



Skis  Fischer Ranger 88 in 176 w/Attack 13 bindings


Conditions:  Packed powder with occasional patches of soft stuff on top,  firm but not icy bumps, typical NE conditions.

Killington Saturday, 2/21

Pico Sunday, 2/22



I've been skiing an old pair of Fischer RX8s that was my first pair of shaped skis that I bought used in 2006.  I really liked them, but they were showing signs of age even though I only ski ~ 8 days/season.  I demoed some Watea 88s a couple of years back and really liked them and have been waffling on getting a set.  I saw a pair of Fischer Rangers for sale here (thanks Holliday) and they have replaced the Wateas, although they are slightly different construction I believe.


Wow, the technology has gotten so much better.  I'm sure all of you knew this, but I was perfectly happy with my old skis until I went to my one and only demo day and tried the Wateas.


I don't know much about skis, but these are light years better than what I was used to.  They are very light and nimble and it's almost like they turn just by thinking about it.  They also hold an edge as well as my old skis, which I was not expecting.  I was able to control my speed well on steep sections, and that has always been a problem for me.  I found some areas with some week old soft stuff and they buzzed right over it.


In firm bumps they were very soft and pliable and it was easy to make quick turns over the tops of the bumps or stay in the troughs and whip through a series of turns.  I could never put together more than a few turns in the bumps, but with these skis I could do about a dozen before having to bail out.  With more practice, I could see myself getting pretty good in bumps and I was terrible before. 

I honestly feel that these skis have brought me up 1-2 levels.


When I go out west I usually drag both my RX8s and Gotamas and the ski bag is pretty heavy.  These skis are so much lighter than either of those, both due to the lighter construction and the fact that I have heavy demo bindings on the others.  I am dying to try them out in some powder and crud to see how they do.


Sorry I can't be more descriptive or talk technically about the skis, but I wanted to recommend these skis to anyone looking for an all mountain ski for the northeast.  I have not had a chance to ski in powder or heavy crud, but I expect these would also perform well in those conditions.  If anybody is on the fence about replacing an older set of skis, do it now!!  I'm sure the other skis that everyone is raving about here are equally improved over older skis, although I can't imagine them being much better.  Of course I have limited experience to draw from.