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Broken Marker Barons [again]

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Hey there. I am seeking the only true knowledge about how to adjust my Marker Barons properly (meaning: so they'd not kindly break). I'll start with stating that I did search the forum, and I did find threads about that before. However, my recent 'story' with Barons made me rethink the whole process, that perhaps needs clarification (well, at least for me).


I'll start with the fact that I bought Barons back in 2013, used them in 2013/2014 seasons with no obvious problems. They were mounted on Volkl Gotamas 2014 by the best ski service around. The dude really knows what he's doing. I had him mount the bindings on skis, and adjust them to be used with Scarpa Mobe boots. Note that these are boots with AT soles. This year I went to my first skiing vacation back in January. It was one week long trip. During my last day on that trip I fell few times with no obvious reason, but since it was my last day, I thought that it must have been that I was tired. However, later that day (when I was packing up my skis), I noticed that one of the 'supports' on which heel piece attaches to the binding plate is broken. Here are the pics:




Well, I've started to look it up in the Internet and I've found two similar cases that happened to someone on forums. Except for their heel pieces were literally torn off the plate, and these people ended up on a ground. One stated that he broke something. Anyways, I wrote to the local dealer, and they asked me to send them those heel pieces, and they replaced them with

new set of heel pieces (from EPF version). Because I was going on my second skiing trip, I took my skis, a set of new heel pieces, and went on a vacation. I figured that despite the fact that Barons are expected to be compatible (after adjustments) with AT boots, maybe they did not cope well with these particular boots. Also, it was supposed to be skiing 90% on groomed trails, so I decided to take another pair of boots, this time my old, proven Fischer Soma F8000. Some service at the ski resort mounted my heel pieces, adjusted sole length and afd plate. I checked that it fitted description found on this forum. Then I had 3 days without problem, but THEN suddenly one of the skis kept releasing everytime I tried to edge. So I fell down like 9 times before I made it down the slope, where I checked out the binding, and it turned out that the very same thing broke again. Below pics of another broken heelpiece:



Note that the second support was also fractured (which is not obvious on a picture). I ended up having to rent skis for the rest of the trip. Now, local distributor asked me to rent them my skis (send it over) so that they can try to find what's wrong. However, I planned to go on another skiing trip this Saturday, so they've sent me another heelpiece. I decided to try to mount it MYSELF according to tips found on these forum, check everything myself. So I started to adjust bindings, starting from the heel piece that 'survived':


1. Moved AFD plate as far back in tour mode as possible,



2. Adjusted sole length.


3.  Readjusted AFD plate so that I can put my credit card between the plate and a boot sole (with some force).


4. Made sure that sole length is still OK. It's said everywhere that the screw head has to be flush with the housing. Which of these two settings is correct ?





Then I took my second binding, and removed broken heel piece. And... I've noticed that the metal 'rail' that the whole heel piece moves on is kind of broken too:



Note places 'stripped of paint'.  They're 'wedged', meaning being malformed somehow. Now I'm wondering if it makes any sense to mount that heelpiece there, as it will

likely break again. Or am I wrong ? Now I'm pissed off as I am without skis again. I've never had bindings that would make that much trouble.  Any suggestions ?

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This break happens but isn't very common, but the crack could be started by a deep ski edge cut in the plastic at the break location.  (Dukes are metal where you're experiencing breakage.)  The fact that you've had it happen twice, with different batch components, suggests you might be banging your skis together.  The scraped-up forward-pressure screw rack is probably okay, and is easily replaced by a dealer or Marker rep.  The correct forward pressure setting is your second photo (where you can't see the red climbing bar).


Maybe if you ask nicely Marker will repair them with Duke heels?

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Hello 1000oaks,


Well, I have been thinking if it's possible that I've banged skis against each other. It could happen occasionally when falling in some deep pow. However, I believe that ski stops cover fractured region pretty well, so it seemed quite unlikely to me, but perhaps you're right. Nevertheless it doesn't seem right to (me) not to plan this piece to withstand accidental 'bang'. Coming from engineering environment, it seems obvious to me, that whatever you've calculated on paper, has to be challenged with reality, where you always have to add some (big) margin for endurance of the designed piece.


However, I really like your suggestion of asking reps to exchange heels for Dukes. That seems to make sense. Thanks a lot!

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Or have Marker fix your Baron heels, sell the Barons, & buy a pair of Dukes. Dukes have aluminum heel towers and toe wings.
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