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WTB mid 80's

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 Now that I am left without any skis (ski rotation in progress) it is time to hunt for a new "one ski" that does it all. 


 I am advanc(ing)ed skier, 48yrs. 183cm/6ft., 190ish lbs. 


 Stay mostly on groomers/piste, not afraid of chopped up, crud, like playing in the low angle trees. No moguls, icy bumps. Softer bumps are OK, but not for long. Ski faster than average but not very technically clean - smearing turns here and there, not necessarily bad, but got the carving bug.



 Ski local hills in the Midwest with kids and take 10+ days trips to anywhere, from east to west, north to south. Total under 20 days but that number is steady climbing. Ski since early age, long break in the  1990's/2000's. back to ski in 2005


 Previous skis included Dynamic VR17, Volkl AC30, Fischer ColdHeat, Elan Spire, Elan SX and few more that I could not remember. Also skied few days on Elan Apex and that is one of the best skis I've ever skied. Still not sure why I decided to go with Spire (I liked it a lot but not as much as Apex - drank too much "98mm Kool Aid").

This time I am inclined on staying with one ski in the 80's range. Specifically, these are the skis I have on my short list:


 Elan Amphibio 88


 Dynastar Powertrack 84/89

 Atomic Crimson

 Fischer Motive 86


 Also just started reading reviews of Nordica NRGy 90, Volk RTM84 and few others (thanks EpicSki for being a great resource). Blossom ? I've seen these in Italy and they seem to be very nice skis, but it is very hard to identify price point and distributor in the US (few guys on EpicSki are importers or somehow associated with them if I am not mistaken).


 These are all different skis with different characteristics and I do understand the importance of demoing. Not an option in Chicago. It makes no sense to me demoing skis on 350ft. hills. Pull the trigger and worry about it later kind of guy.


 Open to offers (if anyone has anything from above mentioned skis for sale) or suggestions. Preferably new/old 2014/2015 model or very lightly used. System bindings or mounted to 325mm BSL. I do not want to remount bindings, have to pay for it plus ski loses resale value with multiple mounts. 


 I am looking to spend about $10 per ski day, would keep the ski about 2-3 years (30-60 days or so) and to be able to resell them for something other than a bag of popcorn. Thus new vs. used would work better for me.


 Thank you all, let me know if anything is for sale out there.

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176 Élan Amphibio 82 XTI, very clean maybe 5 days on them. $300
Check them out in Wayne.
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I have a a few I may be willing to part with.

Head Monster 88 with Look P12 think this 2006 vintage the red ones 175cm about 20days nice shape some scrapes/scratches one core shot recently repaired

Bushwacker with Head Peak 12 binding 180cm about 15 days nice shape

Both mounted for 315bsl

Pm me if interested
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I have a pair of 2014 178cm Nordica Hell & Back  Steadfast (90mm waist) that have been skied 6 partial days. This ski was the #1 ski by Ski Magazine for Mixed Snow for the East.

Mounted with Marker Tour f12s. Without bindings $ 250 + shipping. With bindings $500.+ shipping (unfortunately it is an expensive binding $429. @ retail.) 


I also have a pair of 2014 178cm Nordica Hell & Back Burners (84mm waist) that are new in plastic. This is the same ski as the Steadfast but slightly narrower, therefore, a better hard snow ski but still very versatile.  $225 + shipping

I have had the Burners before in a 170cm and really liked it but wanted to try a  longer pair.


However I have found the 178s, in both skis, are a little long for my 160 #s.

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And the price on Burners ?
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Sorry about the delay.  $225 + shipping

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Lose the Crimsons, add the Nordica Nrgy 90. Steadfast, Burner, Motive 86 all great options too.

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I just received the pair of Motive 95tI, I know , just couldn't resist. All my great plans of finding "one ski does it all" in mid 80's - out the window.

I am still keeping my eye on something more "front side" biased.

Cheizz, are there any good end of season sales in Europe like we have them here in the US - "end of season clearance" type of deal? I assume that VAT is still refundable at the airport which would mean additional 19% savings.
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Head Rev 90's, 1 mount (315bsl, look pivot 14), awesome shape, $175 shipped

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This was a great thread as it perfectly reflects where I am at ... It's been a few months, anyone still interested in selling?

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Kastle FX 84 , 176 cm , Marker Bindings, immaculate condition, only 5 half days on the snow. 350 USD .
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2015 Experience 88s in 172cm. Look binding, 293 cm BSL. 12 ski days. You can have them for $350 plus shipping or pickup.
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Originally Posted by Bogatyr View Post

Kastle FX 84 , 176 cm , Marker Bindings, immaculate condition, only 5 half days on the snow. 350 USD .

Lets see some pictures, what is Marker binding on it ?

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I will pm you in the next minutes.
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Any interest in a pair of Kastle mx88 188cm with Marker Jesters EPF? BLS was mounted for 315, I'll have to look but I think they'll fit your bsl.  Great shape with only a few days on a fresh tune.

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