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misleading pop up

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while on the general skiing discussion forum I got a popup that looked like it was telling me I had a private message. When I clicked on it it was an ad for an app to tell me I have messages that I could purchase. It's labelled " View New Messages" and I'm looking as it now. It's immediately to the right of the EpicSki logo at the top of the page. It looks like it's part of the forum, not an ad. If the forum has anything to do with allowing this kind of advertising it needs to stop. I understand we need ads to pay for the forum but not ads disguised as part of the forum. It's gotten so bad on the internet in general that even the malware cleaners come with malware. 

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Thank you, I will report it. Sorry about that, we agree, the ads should be useful and friendly. We try to keep on top of things, but occasionally things slip through the crack. 

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