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Connection is DSL on desktop.


Audi Raceroom shows up, but video remains blank.

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A few things to examine/consider...


Any problems with flash video (youtube, etc) in general? JavaScript?


What OS/version, browser/version and flash player version?


Have you tried it using a different browser on same desktop?


Are you running ad blocker software?



Here's the link again for access...

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Thanks j,

What's funny is that the other videos work fine. I'll dig further and let you know.

Thanks G
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Originally Posted by oldschoolskier View Post

What's funny is that the other videos work fine. I'll dig further and let you know.


The other videos on that same page, or other videos on the internet generally?


I'm guessing the latter. If the former that would be extra weird.

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this year i bought several iterations of the Dobermann series, and i finally found the snuggest fit, it is the WC 150, 2012 model, which for that year was made in a PRO shell, on the exterior it looks exactly like the other pair i have, the EDT 130, but on the inside it is noticeably different, with a narrower heel pocket and smaller last, at 95mm they quote it, but i think it is actually a 93mm


i have 2 pairs of 315 bsl( the EDT is 27,5 and the WC 150 is 27 )


i've been studying them all night long and i keep finding some differences, like the way the EDT zeppa board is screwed to the shell ( the WC has side screws on the exterior, whereas the EDT 130 has screws on the soles going directly into the zeppa )...something weird is that the WC 150 does not have a canting setup, but i don't need it, as i have straight legs, i tried fitting the screws and spacers from the EDT model and they don't fit, the holes aren't excentric on the WC 150.


although the liners have the same shape, the tongue material and the inner bulbs that wrap around the ankle and the forefoot are way denser in the laced liner

also the orthotic plate which goes into the laced liner is thinner than the other one, and the whole liner is narrower


the shell fit for the WC 150 is much tighter, the space behind the heel is around 5 to 8 mm, and the last is 0 tolerance, i can barely buckle one set of teeth for the lower buckles, i chose to loosen the buckles from the microadjustment, just so i don't ski with them open


also the forward lean seems to be more pronounced, i suppose the liner is to blame, because it is thinner


i'll post some pics in another post, i have them on my phone

i find it interesting that these details aren't written anywhere, i've discovered them comparing the boots side to side, online you can find only the flex, the last, the velcro strap width...anyway finally a good boot for my chicken legs:)

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Consider it weird. As the rest of the Audi vid's work.

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Here are the comparison photos

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Hello, is there any rule on how tall to adjust the liner tongue?
In some photos of racers i see they prefer a lower tongue, and use a booster strap over the tongue
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Originally Posted by vmaprilia View Post

Hello, is there any rule on how tall to adjust the liner tongue?

The adjustable tongue on Nordica Dobermann boots is tapered in thickness.  It should be adjusted to the length of your foot from the toes to the front of your lower shin near the ankle joint, and for best fit over the instep. Undo the velcro patch at the toe, slide the tongue back/up to create more room over the instep.  Slide the tongue forward if the instep is loose.

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