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How Did You Finagle to Stay in the Mountains?

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There's a thread about how people figured out how to go live in the mountains, but some of us were born and raised near them.  So this thread is to see how people in that situation made sure they stayed put even with the call of college, career, and family.  What decisions did you purposefully make to keep you within reach of real mountain skiing?



I grew up 40 minutes from skiing.  My parents built a cabin near more skiing.  I grew up on the snow.  I loved it.  There was no way in hell anyone was going to take me away from it, but life tried.  Music is the other major force in my life, greater than skiing.  When I went to college I found out that I was a reasonably talented musician and that I might have a chance at a career as a classical performer. 


I was boring right straight ahead toward that goal when I started to take a look at what I would be in for if I achieved it.  I would have to work in a big city and unless I was luckier than a lottery winner, that city would not be near decent skiing, or any skiing at all.  I simply couldn't imagine life like that, I had no concept traveling for a ski vacation, I had to be close to mountains.  There was no other choice.  So instead I focused on a career in music education.  The pay and benefits were similar or better, I got to continue to be involved in music in another way, and I had a much greater choice of locations and jobs.  I got a job teaching and continued for over 30 years.  I was challenged by and loved my job and my students and I got to stay near my original home and my family.  And I continued to ski, which was the first goal.


I've continued to perform music as a semi-pro and amateur and found great satisfaction there.  It was well worth the "sacrifice" to choose a path that kept me close to the mountains.  I ended up with the best of both worlds.

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I believe the standard technique is to enroll in the resort management program at the local community college.


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Forestry degree, specialized in wildfire. Worked like a charm.

The only problem was when the people I knew bought big boats and nice cars and fabulous second homes and went on long expensive vacations.
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Glaciology. That's the field to go into. The taxpayers or the student body or The North Face finance your climbing trips, skiing or whatever. I ran into a couple of them at the top of Lamarck Col who were backpacking into Darwin Canyon to compare the Mendel Glacier with pictures from the 70's.. They confirmed my suspicions. Everyone knows the glacier is getting smaller; they were getting paid to prove it and to have a nice trip. Once I met a guy and a gal who were spending the summer in the Sierra counting frogs. That seemed like a nice gig too.

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I moved about half way between the Mountain and the ski area, 40 min to work and 50 min to the ski area or less for each.
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