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Cannon skiers/ Justice for Stephanie!

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Do you still want to ski there after reading how they treated this poor girl!




Please share this link with everyone you know!

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It's not clear to me if they didn't pay her hospital bills or what? What is the issue? That it happened or they didn't do something after it happened? Must have skimmed over something?
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Quote from Stephanie today on Alpine zone

"Was thinking to have this Saturday be my "big return" to skiing. By big I mean a tucker brook family area only ticket and a bulletproof helmet, and learning turns all over again.

Then today I got today some news that Cannon powers that be are telling employees that my accident was "my fault" and not their problem. Now, this is angering on all accounts given I have bee the biggest Cannon supporter even though they were negligent, and I was just standing there, and all their ski patrol and lift lines saw it. Truly, Cannon management are TERRIBLE people. You demand lift opens at all costs even though it is covered in ice and doesn't run right and your employee gets hurt on her first day, and you talk sh$t about them? TERRIBLE people!!

I will never ski at Cannon again. And no longer care how small this mountain town is. People can talk all they want, I will hold my head up high, and they can look right at it-at it my GI Jane crewcut and my 15cm scars and know that its CANNON'S fault"

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Another quote

"Just got my first notice from their insurance company they only paid half of bills for first day at the hospital and rejected the other half "not related to work related injury". Give me a break. Lawyer is dealing with it, and with getting the ins company to pay in full my lost wages, and my lost education costs from fall semester. They still refuse."

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Maybe you should have linked to that stuff.
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She's not getting disability payments through workman's comp? My daughter was attacked by an owl once and the state covered everything. Yes, it was job related.
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The original link is dead. What's this all about?

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A woman named Stephanie Crim suffered some serious head injuries as a result of a large block of ice sliding off a roof and landing on her while she was working at Cannon Mountain. The blog that was originally linked to had a few details and pictures, but not a lot of detail about what the  follow-on problem was, or the controversy, or lawsuit, etc. (At least not a lot that I can remember - so it was a little confusing.)


The blog is now taken down, so perhaps there was some sort of legal settlement or agreement? That's purely speculation on my part.

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Ah, I remember hearing some scuttlebutt about that incident while getting ready in the lodge earlier this season. If I remember correctly, she had basically just started working there as a lifty and the ice slid off a lift shack. I didn't catch any other details and nothing about a lawsuit but it seemed like the incident occurred fairly recently at the time. 


Considering there are very little details available about what occurred and how Cannon handled the incident I think I'll reserve judgement until there are more facts available. 

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She took down the link , Some people started speculating and other rumors started. Hopefully she is doing better. I started this thread as support for her and it got someones attention for better or worse.

She lost out on College tuition and classes due to the accident and has a bunch of medical bills.

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I've learned to be very skeptical of "justice for ..." campaigns.  I've also learned to be very skeptical of getting justice from government-run/sponsored entities like Cannon -- our government often applies different rules to itself than it expects from private enterprises. And unfortunately it is hard to give full credence to individuals who have suffered brain injuries, as their testimony can be unreliable.


What I can offer is sympathy to Stephanie for the lasting effects of a very unfortunate accident, and my very best wishes to her as she continues her recovery.

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