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Hi, my kids all ski race skis mostly and we have a few wider pairs for the bigger (adult sized) kids for when things are soft.  My youngest is 13 yrs old and 100 lbs.  She skis a 150cm SL ski normally.  I just picked up some Atomic Century Jr skis also 150 cm for dirt cheap ($50).  We're headed out west in 10 days or so, and watching the forecast, hoping that the season shapes up.  


Anyway, these skis are 122-85-112, 14.2m radius.  She's never going to ski them backwards and is not much of a trickster at all, and the main goal for these skis is to handle soft snow better than her jr. race skis.  These skis have a "center" position marked, pretty much at the true ski center, then 1.5 cm back there is a line marked "team" and then the tick marks extend back another 1.5 cm, or 3 cm back from center.  If I line up her Fischer SL's, the ski boot center on them is 6 cm back from this same position.  


Perhaps for bigger folks twin tips would be longer than SL's, but that's not going to be the setup here.  I'm leaning toward mounting these closer to the same position as her SL's, so she does not have shorter tips and longer tails than her usual skis.  Recognizing the slightly shorter contact length at the tail i would not go quite as far back as on the SL's though.  Is mounting further back, off the 3cm scale a bad idea?  Should I do as the manufacturer is telling me, or knowing how she is going to be skiing them, should I set them up in a more normal (for her) position?  It seems to me that tip float in soft stuff would work better with the mount shifted back to a more "traditional" position.  Or maybe I'm just living in the past?