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I am wondering if any of you have a recommendation for a very skinny heeled, skinny calved, bony, pretty narrow foot.  The racer is a u-16, Hyper laxity in joints, so I want to make sure whatever I get it very snug and well fitted.  Height 5'8, so the height of the boot should not be an issue, but light weight..about 115 lbs.  Currently in Nordica Team Dobermann, but boot fitter/pedorthist thought the shell was too big.  She did well in the boot, but now it is packed out.  I have heard Langes might be better for a narrow, bony foot.  Also, major pronation problems, so might need to have some canting done on boot.  Advise?

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Any U-16 her height and weight should be well past an 80 flex boot and certainly needs to use a stiffer boot to get any performance from skis and to be competitive.  She is also tall enough to use a boot that doesn't have a jr. cuff like that of the Team, but I think to do that she'll have to jump to a 130 flex boot.  Others here may have information that may differ since they will sell boos that I don't.


However, Head makes a 95mm boot called the B5 that is around a 110 flex that may work nicely although the cuff is jr.   Still the boot she is using now has a jr. cuff and the B5 should certainly perform better.  Dalbello makes a World Cup Scorpion that is also 95mm and has a World Cup liner that is better than the B5.  Scorpions also have a jr. cuff.  The instep of the Scorpion is higher than the B5 and with her pronated foot probably her instep is low and the B5 may be better choice for fit.


Now to get away from the jr. cuff is easy because every boot company makes 95 or narrower boots with an adult cuff but the problem is they will be a 130 flex.  It seems she is a little light for a 130 but is tall enough and many of the girls she competes against either are or soon will be using 130s.  130s can also be softened.


I think you need to find a good fitting shop that is also familiar with race boots and go to work.


Hope this helps.



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it does help.  I think her boot now was a 70 flex and was definitely thinking she'd need at least a 90 flex, but maybe even more.  I dont think she could handle 130.  I ski a Technica diablo race boot for women and I think it's over 110 flex and on cold days, I can barely flex it.  I am also 5'8' and a bit, but I have about 20-25 lbs on her and I regularly work out..She does not (though this will probably change going into the next season). I will take a look into the Dalbello and the Head.  According to her coaches, he Q angle is pretty extreme and I think (and an orthopedist we saw thinks) that it is due to her anatomy and flat footedness. Thanks a bunch for the was VERY helpful

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 There is a lot of talk about flex here and virtually everywhere in skiings.  People come into the shop and whenever trying a boot on flex the hell out of it.  I know that once the boot is cold they won't be able to flex it nearly as much and when I watch very good skiers ski I see very little ankle flexion anywhere in the turn.  When I watch bump skiers I see everything happening in the hips and knees.


I don't want to start a big discussion here, it isn't the correct forum and I don't necessarily think a 130 is appropriate for your daughter but I will ask "why does she need so much flex"?  I'll also remind you I didn't recommend the 130 but said many girls her age and size either are or soon will be using that flex and the 130 may be a good starting point for fit and could possibly be softened to the correct point if in fact 130 is too stiff.  I'd talk with her coach about flexion and a good fitter about fit and the appropriate boot for fit that will give her the coaches' desired flex.



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i know that her coaches often stress that the kids are not flexing their ankles enough and he wants to see that..I know for my experience in my boots, some days it is hard to get that ankle flexion when it is really cold.  I only know enough to be a little dangerous and know that boots are an investment into her sport, so just want to get it right :)  They say the boots are more important than skis, so want to make sure the boot works

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Boots are more important than the skis, for certain.  Skis can't do more than boots ask them to.  My point is only that in assuring flex out of the box you may be sacrificing fit.  So it would be worth exploring stiffness and reduced stiffness in terms of modifications to the boots made by a fitter for the purpose of softening a boot that fits well.



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thank makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

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