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Injured knee 2nd day of ski trip, seek advice

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Hi all. Read the forums a lot but don't post often. Here's the background. I'm 58, tore my left ACL in the mid 90's. Skiing at Big Sky yesterday day 2 of a 7 day trip, took a fall in some bumps on 17 Green near the end of the day and tweaked left knee. Skied on it for another hour or so. Finished up and my knee was bothering me (pain on the sides when leg is rotating) so went to the mountain clinic. Diagnosed as either an ACL tear or bad sprain but inconclusive because of my past injury. Was fitted with a Donjoy brace and was told to see my ortho when I return to Boston. I asked about skiing during the remainder of my trip and was told that was up to me; fair enough. Today I skied groomers with the brace for a couple of hours but quit when my knee was getting sore, it felt weak. Iced it when I got back to my room and it's feeling better, just a slight throb. Planning on going out again tomorrow and playing it by ear but I don't want to do anything too stupid. I am sure others have been in this situaton before so just looking for thoughts. Would hate spending the next 4 days sitting in my hotel room. Sorry for any typos, using my phone to post. Thanks!
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I'd use the phone to call your ortho at home to consult and schedule an appointment. If he's OK with your skiing, I'd just take it easy on the groom the rest of the visit (sliding is still sliding) as long as the knee doesn't hurt or swell too much.
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Who to believe: The doc who actually examined you>>the doc on the phone who operated on you 20 years ago, doesn't know you from Adam, and has probably retired to his mansion in Vail>>>>>internet strangers. But since you asked--sounds like the doc got a semi-positive anterior drawer test (when he pulled on your leg with the knee bent 90 degrees the top of the leg moved forward relative to the thigh). Since he doesn't know how much movement there was before the latest injury he can't tell if you ruptured the ACL. Sounds like he's telling you that you can ski on if it feels stable and not too painful to you. Sounds like you used good sense to quit when you did. If the knee gives way, even once, definitely quit. I'm a doc but not an ortho--if an ortho chimes in listen to her. But better yet, listen to the doc that you saw.

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Tough one on your trip!


Looking at your age ( I'm about the same age ) I would keep doing what you are doing.  Ski on it, but take it easy.  Ice it at night, and if beer is your thing, there you go.  I have a banged up knee also, not a good deal.


Have fun on the rest of your trip

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Thanks for all the advice. I actually took yesterday off and played tourist for the day in Bozeman. Heading out this morning for a few runs. Oldgoat: you called it. I'll pay close attention to any feedback I get from the knee. Already called my ortho back home and have an appointment for Monday. Really hoping it's a bad sprain. Lots of great skiing left in New England this season.
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Get an ace bandage and give it some good compression and ice several times per day.  If you can find a Hyperice wrap they are great.  Amazon overnight?


Tape and ace bandage can help stabilize things while skiing too.

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