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So when do...

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.. the after season sales start? Or, do you just keep hitting websites waiting for a sale?


I am pretty Scottish and a little (cough) on the tight side, there is a reason Scrooge McDuck wore a kilt. I dont need the newest, and dont care about the color of the gear, though a hot pink I might walk away from, unless the price was right.


I figure I might get one more trip in this year on the antique's. Last Thurs I went out with the son and wife, and the movement really is coming back so I am definitely back in. A buddy came out and brought a GoPro and I actually look like I have done this before. Still feels a little edgy and it looked better than it felt.


So I am going to keep at it, I am going to retire the gear though.


Yes I am going to a bootfitter, but depending on when things get discounted, I may get them retail and wait on skis.

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Literally everyting in our shop is on sale right now.
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^^^^ What he said!

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Where have you been for the past two and half weeks?   I couldn't log onto the Internet for being tempted by cut-rate deals.

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

Where have you been for the past two and half weeks?  

Swimming in my gold coin pool.


Well, I guess I was looking for a excuse to take Thurs or Fri off

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Prices start coming down in mid February but tend to keep coming down periodically after that--depending on the ski and how the year has been. Last year, or was it the year before, one local shop (prominent in these pages) had everything half off in I believe March. Another local shop, now out of business, had everything half off in April, every year. The best sales are often the parking lot sales in ski towns Memorial and Labor Day weekends. And swaps in the later fall of course. Keep in mind that popular skis in popular sizes will sell out, often before the first sale, sometimes before xmas. Online summer seems to be a good time--prices aren't going to drop any further on last season's skis and the longer into fall you wait the more skis will be sold out.

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