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Anyone make injectable liners any more?

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Thinking about some new boots for next season.  My current boots are pretty comfortable, but never really fit/felt as good as the Nordica Grand Prix - R boots that I had before them.  Those were the old black ones that had a silicone injected liner - the silicon in those things never hardened and I had them for about 12 years - the only reason I got rid of them was that the boot toes and heels were worn out and impossible to come by.


Looking around I haven't found anything, and I'm curious why this never caught on, or if I was the only person who liked them.  I remember there also being some foam injected stuff - dynafit but that those seemed to break down pretty quick.

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Zipfit liners.

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silicon never caught on as it weighed far too much and was a bit unpredictable (well the ones we dealt with were) 

there are a number of options in terms of performance after-market liners


1 zipfit: this is a cork and clay mix like a putty inside the liner, it is dynamic and can have material added to it after you have skied to top up the fit, pretty warm and good hold around the foot

2 PU foam injection: this is the 2 part chemical foam injected into the liner, works great for some folks not so good for others, very precise fit, there are a number of brands making liners all use slightly different densities of foam and pressures of injection so the results are different

3 i won't miss out thermo liners: these are a high grade thermo mould foam which is compression fitted between the shell and your foot, tend to be warm and comfortable, but don't last quite as long as the other types, to get a really good performance form this type of liner the shell needs to be very close to the foot as they have no real ability to fill any void spaces (not the intention of any liner but if your foot does not contour the shell perfectly there will be small void areas)


best thing is to find you local fitter who works with after-market liners and look into what they have available, some places will only do one type, IMO this is not offering a good customer selection (we have all three types and 7 options overall so we have something that will work for most people)  then trust your fitter and work with them, a well fitted shell and an after-market liner suitable for your feet and your skiing will last a long time and give you a lot of great skiing 


hope that helps

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Thanks CEM - that gives me some things to look into.  Currently I've got some "sorta heat moldable liners" - the stock stuff that comes with the Fischer Progressor 120 and they are very comfortable, just seem to have packed out over the last 2 seasons.

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