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Smugglers Notch Trip

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I've been poking around on this site for about a month now, and finally decided to post.


Any ways, this weekend I'm making a trip up to Smugglers Notch with my school, and I've never been before and was looking for some insider information about trails. For some background, I'm 16 and quite adventurous on the mountain, I typically ski about 3 times a year (hockey takes up A LOT of my time) and usually at Loon Mountain in NH. I like to think that since I play hockey so much it translates a little into skiing. I can ski anything at Loon quite handily, and have a pretty big affinity for glades. I heard Smuggs has some really challenging trails and fantastic glades. (Triple black??) I'm not sure how trails at Loon compare to the trails at Smuggs, and if I will be way out of my element skiing doubles and glades at Smuggs.


Also, what would be some of the best trails at Smuggs? Not necessarily the hardest, but some of the trademark runs at Smuggs. 



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Hi - Welcome. Smuggs has IMHO the most challenging terrain in NE, combined with great teen apre-ski. But it's not always mapped. On the map, Upper Liftline, Freefall, Upper FIS will give you all you want in terms of pitch and bumps. If it's glades, Doc Dempsey's area of course, and there's a bunch of easy pitch woods off Ruthie's called the Shire and Bermuda; good places to warm up with the trees. Shorter and weirder trees off of Treasure Run and Black Bear, just pick your line and go on in.


If you're feeling bold and know what you're doing, try Black Hole. Or ask a local about some near that I won't get into. But seriously: don't try the Black Hole area unless you really are solid in trees. Finally, plenty of friendly unmapped glades you have to hike to off of Morse. You'll need a local for that, though. 

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Pretty much agree with Beyond.  But, I think Smuggs also has some really sweet cruisers.  Black Snake is a typically classic Smuggs

run. It twists and turns, has some nicely varied pitch, just fun.  And the newer trail to the skiers right, "pipeline" maybe is great as well.

I don't like FIS that much, big and wide, but it is one of Smuggs recognized great trails.  Robin's Run is a funky, run past FIS.  You'd

probably like it.  Not sure how the coverage is, but if it's good, Robin's Run is really fun.  Kinda steep in parts, but again, twists and turns

in a typically narrow irregular Smuggs kinda way.


You should have a great time.

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beyond, vitrich-

Thanks, I was also on the Smuggs website and it said that there were no boundary rules at Smuggs, and that you could ski anywhere on the mountain. Is this actually true, and if so, are there any really good backcountry trails?

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Yep, easy answer is yes, ski pretty much anywhere within the outstide boundary. Second part of your
question is much more difficult to answer. There is a lot of terrain that has been "strategically" thinned by caring skiers. These can't be easily descrbed, butl you'll certainly be able to find some
spots by being a careful observer.
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