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Finally my hands are warm.

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I am 67 and my fingers always get cold and I have been trying to find a glove to keep me warm. I have bought several of the top brands but nothing has worked. A few months ago I bought a Swaney 3 finger mitt and went to Maine for some -30 degree skiing. I tried silk liners with Zippo metal hand warmers, yes the ones you light, they will fit in the glove, but I was still cold. 


The new little heat packs are very hot this year for some reason and I put them in the glove but that did not work either.


I was in Mud Sweat and Gears at Holiday Valley where I buy my Blizzards and I saw a pair of Auclair Deer Skin Mittens with Duck Down Installation. No fingers, a true mitten.  Could not help myself and I paid $116. I wear a large but I bought the XL.  Used merino wool thin liners and the little heat packs you buy and tried them at -7. For the first time this year my fingers were warm all day. In fact too warm, started to sweat so I removed the heat packs and all was good. 

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Glad you found a solution that works.  I have had the same problem for most of my life, thanks to getting frostbite when I was a kid.  I've tried the heat packs and while the back of my hand gets hot, my fingers still go numb from the cold.  I decided to quit wasting more and more money on gloves and 3-finger mitts that never work and will be getting either a pair of Therm-ic heated gloves or Outdoor Research heated gloves at the start of next season.

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Gloves won't work for those of us with cold fingers.


High quality ski mittens (mine are Dakine).  Two heat packs over the fingers, touching them.  A third heat pack folded in half the long way and fitted into the thumb pocket.  Works rather nicely in below zero temps.

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^^^^ I've skied comfortably in -14 F, wearing BD GoreTex mittens, mostly leather, one size too big, pair of Costco bargain Head running gloves inside, and one heat pack in the zippered compartment in each glove top. OTOH, my best gloves, Marmot Guide's, give up at about 0 F even with the liners and a hot pack inside. 

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I've found the BD Guide gloves to be absolutely spectacular. Kept me plenty warm in the northeast for this entire season and I highly recommend them. Glad to hear you've found your solution to cold hands! I think a heavy liner and a shell glove works wonders, but some days are just too cold.


Interesting new product (at least new to me) that may be relevant here: http://www.outdoorresearch.com/en/catalog/product/view/_ignore_category/1/id/44444/s/lucent-heated-gloves/

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