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The stealth Mcdonalds' are...

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Starbucks and Ben and Jerrys. SB ain't bad if you stick to plain coffee and B&J's decent if you go with the lowfat yogurt but who does that? double mochas with everything and full fat ice cream r what pays the bills at both places.

What's brillant about both places is they have cultivated a nice, wholesome PC image that keeps the holyer than thou lefty activists at bay. So they can go about making huge profits, making us all fat and clogging our arteries in splendid, highly profitable, peace and quiet. Mcdonalds could learn a thing or 2 from these guys.

BTW, i remember when SB's first appeared and I KNEW it would bomb. Who'd pay 3 bucks for a freakin' cup of coffee I wondered???!!!!

Why quite a few it turns out......... :
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Same here, but I didn't think anyone in their right mind would pay for water, either.

Next up, bottled air? Branded oxygen? On the "Hamptons" documentary, the was an oxygen machine in a bar. $$ for a 15 minute whiff.

As far as the fat thing, people who care can smell a fat molecule a mile away and do order plain. The rest go with taste, who can blame them? I don't think the nice, wholesome image of the seller has anything to do with it. Everyone knows fat clogs, some ignore it, some don't.
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A couple of seasons ago Winter Park had an oxygen bar at the base station. Can't remember the costs, and I didn't try it.

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