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Easiest Glades at Stowe

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After a few lessons this year, a small bit of practice, fall a lot, and running into a tree, I am getting a little more adventurous.


My wife and I are hitting up Stowe and Jay Peak at the end of this week. Fortunately the weather seems to be shifting in our favor and r@!n is seemingly holding off for northern VT.


We will be skiing Jay with some friends who know the mountain, and their easier glades on the Tramside are on the trail map.


Stowe marks a few on the trail map, but does not rate them for difficulty.


Snow on Thursday looks like it should be relatively good after this latest system blows in Tuesday night and Wednesday.


What are the easiest marked glades at Stowe, and where does one access them? 

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The easiest ones are the Chapel Woods accessed off of Toll Road or from Sunrise right below Toll Road, and a nameless but marked glade between Lower Gulch and Lower Standard this one is below Crossover.

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