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If this were TGR that title might be a loaded statement, alas we are talking skis. My GF tried out her new Pure Joys this weekend. She is 5'1", 110lbs ( I know, I know the rule but she doesn't read these anyway!), blue/black skier on the 153 Pure Joy. Her other ski is the Blizz Black Pearl which she loves. I really didn't say much when she first started out on them and of course, she was disappointed. "They don't ski like my BP's" was her sad assessment.


After an intro, some technique adjustments and some pointers as to what this type of ski can do she was carving full G-Force arcs back up the mtn and wootn' and hollern' like there was no tomorrow. Her primary comment was "These things are SUPER LIGHT! I LOVE THEM! I WANT TO SKI MORE!"......... Music to my ears! GF is a total speed junkie now and wants to carve arcs and feel G's all day long. I crashed and bruised my shoulder trying to keep up w/ her. LIfe is Good! :) I've never seen her go so fast w/ such confidence on the hardpack. Now she wants to get back out on her BP's and see if they can do what the Joys do. I told her diff ski diff strengths..... and these are only the intermediate level Pure Joys............


It was down in the negative digits yesterday and we were concerned about her being cold so we picked up a Skidoo XTeam RPM jacket, and Klim Allure bibs. She complained she was hot the entire morning and had worn one layer less. Here in northern New England it has been below zero for weeks and it was killing GF on the slopes. She has been miserable this year until yesterday. She was warm and happy on her new skis! Don't just run out and get your Girl snowmobile gear. Realize that people move on their sleds now. The new high end snowmobile gear is built for maximum warmth AND mobility. The cheaper gear is not. Get Klim or Skidoo XTeam or equivalent race/serious snowmobile gear if you want her to keep totally warm in negative digits w/o sacrificing mobility.