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Bluetooth for helemt

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What is the best Bluetooth system? The skull candy, sienna system,???
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I can only speak to Skull Candy. Piece of over-advertised sh*t. 

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I have been using Chips Bluetooth speakers in my helmet for the last 34 days and I really like them. 

The sound is good....easy to control with mittens.....clear phone calls-- battery lasts all day

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I got a pair of the chips 17 days ago.......first 15 days were fine then 16 days in and no sound whatsoever out of the right speaker and the Bluetooth Mic (in the right chip) doesn't work any more.....underwhelmed so far😠

Update after recharging my chips and talking with customer support I have reconnected and had no problem ....working great the last few days.
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I used the Skullcandy that came with a Giro helmet several years ago. Worked well for a few seasons then it died. It was really easy to use with gloves on.


I've been using the Uclear system for the past 3 years. Not quite as easy to use with gloves on, but doable. I end up having to push the buttons multiple times to get some functions to work. Sound is good and battery life is great.

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I have been happy with the Sena system.
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Chips w/o issues this year or last on my set or GF's  set. 120+ days on skis w/ Chips between both of us........... only one issue when I was trying to see if they would go two days on a single charge. That was a "No Go".................. easy controls w/ mittens, no messing w/ cord buttons, no taking off gloves at all. Don't even need to stop skiing to use any of the controls. Sound quality is epic compared to others I've tried due to large magnets, Bass booms! If I don't tell them, buddies don't even know I've got tunes on. They were thinking I was adjusting my helmet when touching my ears. Don't even have to take my gloves out of my pole straps to adjust and operate. 


No intercom feature like the sph10's but cheaper price point...........

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I have been using the skull candy for Giro for 2 years and they still work! Within a month of using, the covers came apart and I had to glue them so they can't be fixed or battery replaced. I wants to know of the Sena or other where better before I get a new pair since the battery is now not charging to the same level.
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Someone else on epic suggested the Sennhieser P 100 II's.  I have always liked the sound from Sennhieser headphones.  I gutted the head phone and slipped them into my Smith Vantage helmet.  They sound great.  I'm using a Jabra Clipper for bluetooth to my iPhone. Good connection and last's multiple days.  I don't think Jabra makes the Clipper anymore but you can find them on Amazon.

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