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DPS wailer 99

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Do you recommend the dps wailer full carbon for east coast ski (tree + all Mountain)?
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Originally Posted by kesslerski View Post

Do you recommend the dps wailer full carbon for east coast ski (tree + all Mountain)?

The Cassiar 95 is a better choice in my opinion.

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The wailer 99
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Also do you think DPS is worth it price? Or stick to a Nordica enrgy 100 type of ski. I wish I could demo both but hard to get the dps as demo...
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You say nothing about your size or weight or level, but having owned a couple of DPS's, no, don't recommend a full carbon (assume you mean Pure models) DPS for the east coast if by "all mountain" you actually mean it. Our snow is too heavy and it gets chopped and settled too fast. We have lots of ice, often with stiff rubble to spice things up. The trees get bumped out, weird mix of ice and heavy pow, and reward something in the low 80's. We invented vibration. 


So you'd have an absolute blast for a day or two in the woods every month, and either put them away or shake out your fillings. The DPS hybrids,OTOH, definitely better for all mountain tasks, but they weigh about the same as many other excellent brands, and cost nearly twice as much. Nice backcountry and side country skis, especially if you skin on good days, otherwise, I'd take a Kastle or Stockli over a DPS any day. Although for back here, with the amount of exposed granite, roots, and mud, I'd probably take something for far less $$ to murder in the trees and apply the rest to another ski. 

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simple, no, @beyond is right on.  you don't want pure.  

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I am 5'9" and eight 160 pounds I am a very good skier, but not pro. I saw the dps pure for a heavy discount! And that is hey I started to think of them! A friend has them and also has a Nordica nrgy 100 he said his best ski has been the dps and at the price I can get them I should get them. I like Kessle as well but have only skied it west and at the moment here they are more money than the dps. I would get the 1.76 model. Another option is the Nordica nrgy 100 which is also discounted now... So the money issue is less applicable, I would want a daily sky for moguls, trees , for ice days I already have one narrow Kessler ski.
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I'd give DPS a call and talk to one of their "ski fitting" guys.  They'll discuss type of snow, terrain, and conditions you're looking at, as well as your skiing style, strengths, and preferences, and then make a recommendation on whether the Wailer 99 is a good choice, and if the carbon or hybrid is the better fit for you.  I've talked to these guys a couple different times, and they are extremely helpful.  I ski the Wailer 112 in the hybrid (non carbon) construction and the Cassiar 85 in the Pure 3 (DPS' latest generation of carbon) construction.  The "hybrid" skis are more damp, and less reactive to mixed/variable snow conditions, while the carbon is light, responsive, and has noticeably more torsional stiffness.  DPS has done a few things with their "Pure 3" construction (weighting and dampening) to minimize some of the typical negatives of carbon skis in variable snow compared to their earlier full carbon skis (the Cassiars are my ski of choice compared to all the skis I've tried when we get "ice coast" conditions here) so I wouldn't be as fast to cross the carbon 99s off the list.  For me, the quick response, light swing weight, and additional edge-hold you get with the torsional strength of the carbon offset any of the potential negatives, particularly if you're skiing tight, icy trees a lot.  As far as DPS vs other ski brands, my experience has been that they seem to ski very well in a broader range of snow conditions than anything else I've skied, are very forgiving, and are very well made capable of a lot of abuse.  They also hold their value well, so are relatively easy to sell w/o taking much of a hit if/when the time comes. 

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Super useful!! Thank you!
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