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Dear All

I've read over the threads asking for recommendations for all mountain ski s and found the information very helpful.  I would hope the same group could hopefully refine my and my friend's search for new skis.


We are both retired Boomer males, in our late 60s and still enjoy skiing bumps and glades.  We're both about 5'8", I'm 190 lbs. and my ski buddy is about 15 lbs. lighter.  We ski mostly the hills around Ottawa and Tremblant in the east, which means we spend about half the time skiing our preferred terrain and the rest picking our way down hard pack, usually with ice. We venture out to Whistler every couple of years.


We have found that in order to ski together we need to use the same ski model and length.  We use old Atomic Beta Racers for the hard pack/ice days and Atomic Nomad high noon for our mogul/glade days when we are not facing ice or its warm enough to get an edge.  We still have to get down the hill so all mountains still look like our best choice at this time.    


Right now we think the cores are too flexed on the Nomads, so we're looking for their replacements.  The Epicski threads seem to recommend Sultans, Shoguns and the Blizzard Brahams, and Bushwackers.  We're also seeing a lot the newer Nomad Blackeye TIs, but they appear to have tail widths that won't fit into the Gondola's ski holders. 


Any suggestions on the ski types would be most appreciated.  Also we seem to be better able to handle the bumps/glades better when our skiis are shorter, but how short should or can we go before loosing control on the flats? 


Thanks in advance for your feedback.