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I am fairly decent size 6'6" and around 220 -230 lbs. I am Strong advanced aggressive skier ability but my body is taking a crap everywhere with injuries previous left broken hip, torn left shoulder, upper and lower back spine issues hit me every season. Some days I can ski really well and other days injuries are so bad I make beginners look advanced.  The less I ski the better I ski due to joint inflammation but if its a powder day screw it and I will suck it and limp the rest of the week in pride.  I am currently on a skinny Nordica 80 Pro skis in 180cm and last year of Nordica Enforcer 185cm with lightning bolt graphics for my 2 ski quiver.  I am strong on groomers but love to jump off trail any chance I get popping in an out of trees and sometimes laying it out hard on groomers.  I hate groomers but I have no choice but to ski a lot of groomers being east.  My joint likes to ski better on warm sunny days often soft and slushy and rocker helps with deep slush taking off some pressure on joint.  Tighter turn radius helps with getting on and off crowded lifts when injuries flaring up bad.  Before injuries I liked the stiffest, meanest nastiest ski I could get on but with my body taking a crap softer flexing tips and tails are working better for me now along with some forgiveness.  I have noticed sometimes I am even ending up in backseat more now when hip locking up and flares up some.  Both of my current skis are okay being in backseat some and I am not trying to hang out in backseat but some days are worse than others with injuries.          


Nordica 80 Pro and Nordica Enforcer make a great 2 ski quiver and both can be used on bad icy days to powder days.


Nordica 80 Pro

Pros: Playful, poppy, snappy, strong edge grip, agile, massive sweet spot, tons of forgiveness, low swing weight, light, nimble, ice to powder, fun, big tip is floaty, flex pattern, tail works great on trail and off trail, great teaching ski.

Cons: Upper speeds deflects bad, steeps which I am trying to avoid more due to bodily injuries it feels like it wants to fold up on me due to my size. 


My current lightning bolt graphics tip rocker 185cm Enforcer

Pros: Flex pattern, damp, edge grip, handles my size good, power, bulldozer, heavy crud buster, glued to snow feel, forgiving, rocker in deep slush or trees easier on my bad joints, great off trail as long as it has fresh snow, good in trees if it has fresh snow, good on groomers but I don't like vague feel of rocker for split second in transitions on groomers but I am usually skiing on massive edge angles so not a big deal.  Square tail works great everywhere and even in powder except hard off trail conditions.    

Cons: A little sluggish at low speeds but not terrible, heavy bothers my broken hip still on natural bone, riding up chairlift I feel heavy ski weight bothering my hip more. Big fat square tail off trail if it has not snowed in awhile scares me especially in trees.  I do not like teaching on Enforcer probably weight bothering me on left side hip and left shoulder and I have to use poles a lot at times.  


I am thinking Fischer Motive 95 in 186cm for replacement.  I like Fischer race skis in past and overpowered Fischer front side carvers and all mountain skis in past due to my size but I enjoyed them.  I am cutting down on charging a lot more and with injuries but if its a good day for my body I still want a ski I can unleash with a clear runway for flight takeoff. How is the tail for this ski in trees and off trail if it has not snowed in awhile?     


The new 2016 Nordica Enforcer tail may work a little better for me and thinking about that ski in 185cm.  Is the new enforcer any lighter than previous enforcer?  How is the tail off trail if it has not snowed in awhile and in the trees.   


Is there a big weight difference between Motive 95 and new Enforcer?    

I am guessing new Enforcer more power and heavier ski than Motive 95.  Edge grip probably similar, snappy?, Rebound?  Trees probably a toss up between the 2. Crud? Ice? Powder?

Demoing probably not an option!