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If it ever gets cold enough here again (unlikely) I try an experiment: Boot Glove with hand warmer underneath on one foot, taped hand warmer, no Boot Glove on other. :D


I tried this with hand and boot warmers, and you have to position it in a way to get enough air for he charcoal to heat up, and it gets wet and turns into a cold hard block.  I probably have to position it differently to be more effective.  I stick a boot warmer in the top of the toe box in the liner and that is pretty effective (in my 6yo's boots).  

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Yeah without air those chemical heaters just do not work.  Always strange to taken them out rock hard and cold, then have them heat up when sitting on the cafeteria table of something.


As for boots, I was always taught if you can fit those chemical packs in your boots chances are your boots are too big.

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If I use the toe warmers, they work better when placed on top of my toes, not underneath.

They are also more comfortable, and less prone ( for me ) to getting knocked off when entering my boot.


~ Andy

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