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low end go pros

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Does anyone have any experience with the lower end go pro cameras?  I mostly see people using the top end ones.  At $400 they're not in my budget but the cheapest one at about $150 could be....but not if the video sucks.


Looking for first hand experience please....

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Easy.. get one of the low end Garmin VIRB's for a little over $100.  They were $250 until they discontinued the model.  It has the same camera as the higher end Garmin VIRB, just lacks the GPS, accelerometer, etc.  Here's a review that compares it with Gopro's:


Santa brought me one for xmas.  Here's the latest video I shot, and you can dig through my vimeo account to see others:



Check out the reviews on Amazon, and you can buy it for a little less at the second link where I got mine:

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I use an SJCAM SJ4000 WIFI, basically a GoPro clone.

It can even use the GoPro mounts.

You can get one off of Amazon for around $100.
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That Garmin unit looks interesting.  It actually has better reviews on Amazon than lower end Go Pros or the SJ4000 unit.  This has piqued my interest, so I'll do some research.  Thanks!

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A Chinese company, Xiaomi, is coming out with a $69 Action Camera that uses the same Ambarella chip that GoPro does.

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