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Roundtop Mountain Resort, PA, 02/27/15

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In my effort to continue to hit new places this year, I ventured north to Roundtop in Pennsylvania on Friday (the fourth new place for me this season). This resort is owned by the same group as Liberty and Whitetail in southern Pennsylvania, but it's about 30 minutes further from me than those two, so I had never bothered to go there. But I got the chance yesterday, and had a great day.


Roundtop is about 600 feet of vertical laid out across a ridge, in a straight forward fashion. It pretty much progresses from green on the far right (looking up hill) to blue through the middle and black on the far left.



I parked near the main lodge to the right on the map, and started off on the greens, but wound up spending most the day on the blue/black side of things. If I were to go back, I'd just park on that side (just below Minuteman) and make it easier to get back to the car. 


It was a beautiful sunny day with a high in the mid-to-high 20's, so it was just about perfect. I started by checking out the beginner slopes, mostly because I was on these :



My first skis and pair of boots... and my first time not renting which was really nice. But I wanted to ease into them and see how they felt. The beginner slopes were a nice little warm up, and let me get my new boots locked down and make sure everything felt OK. After that first run I headed over to the middle of the hill and the main blues. This is a pano from the top (which really flattens everything out). 



Minuteman is the main run along the lift and the right side is Recruit, which was naturally and irregularly bumped up, which was fun for a few runs with a lot of variety, and pretty gentle slope. You could pick and choose lines to take some small bumps, large mounds, or mostly avoid everything if you wanted to.


Lafayette also comes of this lift, with a steeper black section at the top with bumps running down one side (the right side in the pic below). They were making snow here and there were a couple of inches of new stuff that was fun in the morning.



There was also a pretty large terrain park off of Lafayette, that was fun for a couple of runs, though I didn't really hit any of the big jumps.



After that I spent much of the rest of the day on the two furthest west lifts that serve the black runs. There were some really nice conditions and a bit of variety of runs over there. I hit all of them, including Gunbarrel, which is normally a long bump run (double black on top and about 35 degrees, and not as steep lower down). Today it was only slightly bumped up and I was able to handle it... one of the locals on the lift was complaining that they had ruined it by not having it bumped up enough, but I was happy to be able to do it. The Ramrod run next to it (about 30 degrees on top, then 20's the rest of the way) was my favorite, although the top was a bit icy with a few bumps, and two consecutive runs had a stop after the steep section to pick up someone else's ski to get it back to them.


The top of Ramrod :



Overall it was a lot of fun, and I got in 30 runs in a bit under 5 hours. None of the lifts are high-speeds, but luckily the lift lines weren't too bad. I think this might have been the worst one I saw all day :



Needless to say, I skied right back on to the lift most times. :D All in all, I liked the Roundtop, and would certainly go back.

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Looks like a great little mountain! Stars are born from places like this and any ski hill is better than none. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the adventures on trying new places. 

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Roundtop is where I learned to ski as a teenager.  My school had a ski club for one year that went night skiing at Roundtop.


Now that I live in the DC area I usually stick to Liberty, however I do try to make one or two trips to Roundtop a season so I can get some NASTAR runs in.  I like Roundtop a lot and it has a great layout that keeps the beginners away from the more expert terrain.  Roundtop also has more of an old school vibe to it than Liberty or Whitetail, even though they are all owned by the same company.  


Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to Roundtop.

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Nice report! I like Rountdop, though I don't get there more often than the PARA races they hold there (I coach at Liberty - this weekend, I'm at the PARA U16 state championships at Blue Mountain, which is a wonderful place with great terrain, albeit a long haul from DC/NoVA).


Interesting to see that they were blowing snow this late into the season. Liberty has essentially stopped blowing any new snow, as their skier volume really plummets after the first week or two in March. 

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Another great TR!


I spent the morning at Roundtop today with a small group of SkiDivas, plus a few husbands.  Gunbarrel bumps at the top were growing.  Other than a bit of skier's right that was scraped off, the bumps were quite nice in terms of being soft snow.  Maybe they groomed it out before blowing new snow?


Even on a Saturday with a couple special events, the lift lines were pretty reasonable, well under 5 minutes.  Seemed like there were people who were leaving at lunch time, with others driving in after lunch when I was leaving at 1pm.


The first time I stopped by Roundtop, I parked in the upper lot and took the shuttle.  Today I arrived really early, about 7:15am, and parked towards the front of the upper lot.  When I left, I had my skis in the free ski check.  After getting the car, I stopped in the 10 min loading zone to get my skis/poles.  Easy to do since I was leaving when there wasn't much traffic.


I like the layout of Roundtop.  Seems like a good place for people learning to ski in terms of progression.  I could imagine someone who becomes comfortable on any trail then having a very good time on a trip to a destination ski resort either in the northeast or out west.

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If there was conveyor loading for the beginner lift so that it could run a little faster, that would really make the beginner section even better.  That lift is s l o w although that seems to mean fewer loading/unloading stoppages.

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Originally Posted by marznc View Post

Another great TR!


+1 - Thanks for the writeup and pics!

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Ah, memories. I remember zooming down Minuteman, completely taken with speed and exhilaration. In retrospect, completely out of control, but I think that might have been my first experience of "OMG this is so much FUN!" on skis.

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Great report-I think it's well known how much I like RT as a local hill. We usually get there early and park right by the Minuteman lift where we can easily hit the snow and ski back to the truck for lunch/breaks.
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Great report of Ski Roundtop, I have never skied there before but looks pretty nice, I know they have a great JR race program there, as we were just at the PARA U12 State Championships at Tussey Mt. and the Ski Roundtop kids did very well.  

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