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Fair price for demo skis?

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While speaking to the Atomic rep at local mole hill today, he mentioned that he doesn't even have a GS ski for 15/16 because nobody wants to demo them. He has the 14/15 D2 GS for sale, not demoed much, for half MSRP and no tax.

I want a cheater GS ski so I got interested. But price still seems kinda high to me given it's past model year and used. Then again it's not a popular high volume model and not easily found. The MSRP is $14xx so it still comes to almost $750 (CAD, so about $600 USD).

What sort of price does rep's demo usually go for?
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Sounds like its a buyers market.  What bindings?   

I'd offer up to $500(US) cash, see if he bites.   Not a dime over.

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Not sure what binding, I'd imagine it's the one listed on Atomic's website (X 12 TL), all other demos seem to have whatever bindings they retail with.
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Find the lowest advertised new price for what the ski sells or last sold for (not msrp) and subtract out either $200 if it is a system ski that always comes with binding, or use the flat price of the new skis if it can be bought flat..  


That's a fair price (not a killer price or ripping either side off).  Basically I think of the few days used should equate to getting free bindings.


Here;s my google search finding some for sale with prices.  


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Employee cost can be 55% on a "pro deal" for something new. 50% off works as a starting point for popular used equipment, depending on condition. Less than 50% might be an appropriate offer for something that's not moving at all unless it's due to weather or snow, rather than market conditions.
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Here's TGR's guide to pricing used gear




I would expect to pay more from a dealer, for their overhead/profit or for a very lightly used demo that's this year's model. OTOH a demo binding certainly decreases the value. And of course the final price will come down to how badly you want the ski, how badly the seller wants to sell, what options either of you has, and how good a negotiator you both are.

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