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I have been given good and accurate advice here on Epic before and have purchased 2 of the recommended skis a few years ago and they worked out great but I am thinking it may be time to upgrade and consolidate a couple of my quiver skis into a 2 ski quiver.

One of 2 I may keep would probably be my Dynastar Slicer as a front side/bump ski which seems to fill that part nicely for me, which you guys also recommended a few years ago, thanks. I also have a Volkl non rocker Bridge for my rock skis.


I have read a lot of various reviews on many sites and have a rough idea of what I should be looking at but thought perhaps I could get some advice from the experts at Epic and it’s readers to assist my decision and narrow down to maybe 2 or 3 and then possibly demo.


I am looking to find a ski that embraces the pros list I am giving and avoids the cons list. I do not bomb down open terrain at 50mph but the stability of the Huge gives confidence/security, and the flotation of the Gotama is IMO far better than the non rockered Huge, but not as fun and easy to maneuver outside of fresh pow.


I am male 60yrs old, advanced skier (level 8), 5’5” 165lbs. Ski Northern Colo resorts (added Crested this year also) Get 15-20 days in/year. Always looking for any fresh powder, pillows (get a couple 2-3’ days at Steamboat/Copper each yr) then trees and chutes/steeps but also open bowls when available, will drop cornices and smaller rocks (maybe up to 10’) but back is getting older…Will encounter and ski bumps when pow is tracked out.


Thanks for any advice. (I am also certain there are many other options I have not looked at but can get overwhelming)


What I have now: (besides my Dynastar Slicers for front side/bumps, not so deep pow, etc.)


6th Sense Huge (174)

Pros                                                                                                                       Cons

Fun, quick, powerful confidence inspiring Crud buster,                  no rocker=slight tip dive, heavy

Pillow smasher, soft bump eater                             


Gotama (170)

Pros                                                                                                                       Cons

Pivot quick and easy, powerful confidence inspiring,                       Stiff tip= hard to manage icy  and large

Crud buster, great flotation from full rocker, light                             bumps in skied out trees. Not as fun outside of fresh.


Potential single ski replacements?

Salomon Rocker 122       size: 170/115      weight:2100

Atomic Bentchetler         size: 178/120      weight:2015

Line Mr Pollards Opus     size: 178/118      weight:2165

Nordica Patron                size: 177/113      weight:2332

Rossignol Super7            size: 172/112      weight:1924

Blizzard Bodacious          size: 176/118      weight:2450

Icelantic Keeper              size:171/119       weight=1928

Moment Bibby Pro          size:176 120        weight=2131