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Excellent Customer Service from REI

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I ordered a gunmetal Smith Vantage helmet from REI shortly after they marked down on their ski and snowboard stuff and I got a really good deal on it.  As I was waiting for it to be delivered, I noticed on their website that in the meantime they became completely sold out of the gunmetal helmet in my size which did not concern me at the time...


But today I received my helmet and they accidentally sent me the wrong color helmet with bright green accents on it when I clearly ordered the very plain non-flashy gunmetal helmet.  I was not hopeful for any satisfactory resolution to this problem as according to their website they were completely out of the helmet in ANY color; let alone the color I actually ordered.  Additionally, it took the original helmet I ordered 9 days to get to me and I am leaving for a ski vacation in 7 days so it appeared that there was no way a helmet would get mailed to me in time even if they could find one.


I called up REI customer service, not quite knowing exactly what they could do but hoping they could do something.  I got a very nice woman on the phone and explained the situation to her.  She somehow managed to find the VERY LAST gunmetal Smith Vantage in their system and upgraded the shipping to 2 day for me at no extra charge since I wouldn't have received the helmet in time for my ski trip with standard shipping.  They even offered to pay for the shipping to return the wrong color helmet they sent me, but I can just return it to my local REI so I declined.


Mistakes happen, and I am happy to say that REI completely made things right in this case (as long as I actually do get the correct color helmet in time for my ski trip...we will see).  I feel that every company should treat their customers like this, but it is incredibly rare these days.  REI may be expensive if you don't buy merchandise on sale, but with their excellent customer service and excellent return policy I will continue to give them my business.

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REI does customer service correctly.


I placed an order through their website some time ago for three items, but only two showed up when the package was delivered.  I called them up and explained that one thing was missing, figuring the chances of them believing this was pretty small.  The sales order listed all three items, the "list of packaged items" receipt included all three items...  it just wasn't there.  Their response was to overnight me the missing item, no questions asked.


Thumbs Up

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