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UCLA Fitness instruction bad press

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On the radio this morning (NPR) there was a spot about a general knowledge "test" of fitness instructors done by UCLA.
Only 40-some percent "passed". I have no idea about specifics or credibility, but the closing comments was,
"when it comes to fitness, let the buyer be ware!".

I think you have warned us many times.

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Scary, is'nt it! a couple of things to watch for:

If for some weird reason you decide to take a kickbox aerobics class, keep in mind that the chances of your instructor having ever set foot in any sort of, martial srts class are very slim.
The injury rate in these classes is the absolute highest in the industry.

Ever since Pilates has become the "flavor of the year" a gazillion one day "certifications" have popped up all over the place. The quality of these classes taight by unqualified instructors is close to deadly!

If a trainer puts you on a leg extension machine after you tell them you are recovering from an ACL injury, leave, very quickly!

With the popularity of Yoga classes, gyms are experiencing what I call New Age Tryanny! People who practice Yoga EXCLUSIVELY seem to be cold all the freakin time! if a stretching area is close to a cardio area, some how they have talked the trainers into raising the room temperatures. In some gyms, this means you are doing cardio in indoor temps of 85 degrees!!!! :

Now, the guidelines set out by the ACSM state that room temperatures should not exceed 70 degrees! Any certified trainer should know this!

Balance toys are the name of the game nowadays. Since you folks are experts at dynamic balance, I will often show some pretty advanced exercises. Many trainers are trying to use these same exercises with first time sedentary clients! Duh!

Every, the industry sponsers over 100 workshops and conferences throughout the country. A large percentage of trainers never attend. They simply fill out a test in the fitness magazines to retain their certification.

This is why I often ask industry related questions to ski instructors. Gets me too angry to talk about it in my own industry!
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WoW! Sounds like a Fitness USA thing. The so call instructors there don't know anything about weight lifting, but they can sure give you a pitch about getting some friend to join. :

I still have my membership, but I want to go to a gym that both my husband and I can work in at the same time.

I tend to cheat in my work outs and would love to have him spot with me.
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