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Really there are like 2 easy runs off the hill, one is a catwalk under the haunted valley.  The snowcat op will come together as he understands the terrain available I bet. No snowmaking no groomers fun!!

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Speaking of the ski area it does not ski like a midwest resort. What ya have to realize is this is backcountry skiing with helatiouse dumps of Utah llike powder and it can get cold and stay cold. Big draw is from Michigan Tech and hardy midwesterners who know how to rip.  I have been up there thru 23 day straight lake effect storms skiing in balls deep snow with 8 foot natural snowpack no yellow man made snow.  For us midwesterners this is reachable for a long weekend and they have many runs I would compare to runs out west.  


Think of 2 chairs 900 vertical 600 plus acres almost 360 degree skiing and 1/2 the place in the woods.  On weekdays only half the place has lifts turning and you are picked up on the road with never a long wait on the side chair are nonop.  So the chair side closed during the week has untracked all midweek especially is the lake is open and it is dumping.  Indianhead, Blackjack Grainice pale in comparison but you for sure have to know how to ski as there are no groomers.  I love the place. 99 bucks a season 38 bucks for a bunk breakfast and dinner and the staff and Uppers are a hoot.  The front triple move ya up pretty fast and even when the parking lot is full ya see few folks skiing as everyone is in the woods.Usually the week after Xmas is dump city and yur skiing knee deep all week.  The snow is often like Utah.  Its too far stay away yur right LOL leave the snow for us.


I speak to easterners on the lift they tell me it is as good as many of the eastern resorts as you don't ski ice but ya better own a pair of 100 mil skis and/or 115's we all ski JJ's and 100 millers as the terrain is always irregular and the wider skis bridge the irregular terrain and you really don't need carvers.

This thread isn't about Mt. Bohemia, it's about the new place with the cat skiing.  Focus.

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Mt Bohemia IS the place with a small cat skiing operation named VOODOO Mountain  I am trying to give perspective you would not drive all that way to ski the cat operations yet.  Lonnie owns both operations and there is more than just yurt skiing there are cool log cabins, a house you can rent out on the lake and more, but the yurts are right on the hill and the whole experience is pretty cost friendly and fun.  I bet it is better skiing than any resort out east its size  guaranteed when they get their usual dumpage of UP DER.


Focus Pocus person trying to put it in perspective for folks who have never been there that as he axpands you have a awesome ski area also and you might even leave from the ski area to get to the north west side of the tip of the kewaunaw. Harsh!!!

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So I went to Voodoo Mountain last winter.  It was really fun.  Not challenging but still really fun.  When I was there it had rained a few days prior so it was icy.  Since it's such a low traffic hill it was smooth as glass thankfully.  Not what I'd hoped for obviously but it was still a good time.  


As far as the runs go they start as nicely gladed runs which are semi-steep then open up into fairly flat runs with steeper rolling sections along the way.  They advertise Voodoo as intermediate friendly and I'd agree with that.


Now a lot of people say that it isn't worth the money they're asking for the quality of the hill but I'd disagree (to an extent).  Yeah the hill could be steeper and longer BUT there's another factor to take into account:  It's an adventure!  We were bussed (yeah on the Abba Bus) from Bohemia to somewhere along US-41 between Bohemia and Copper Harbor where the snowcat was waiting.  We loaded our stuff and climbed aboard.  We followed a snowmobile trail for several miles until we came to a gated side trail.  We went through the gate and went several more miles into the Keweenaw backcountry and up the hill.  We were literally in the middle of nowhere.


Even with shitty conditions it was still one of my best days skiing ever.  Well worth the $150 I spent to do it.  I absolutely plan on going back again this winter, however I won't book it two months in advance.  I'm going to watch the weather and plan accordingly.


For those curious as to exactly where Voodoo Mountain is the coordinates are 47.4523, -88.0193.  This is the hill I skied last winter.  All of the runs are on the north side of the hill.  




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