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To many fit women in Colorado!

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Got my entry form in the mail for the Danskin Triathlon. Went to register and its already full!

Whats with these women? I am really disapointed. There is a group of us that have participated for the past 3 years. Thanks to Bong I have a good road bike and was looking forward to beating my previous time.

Damn it all I am moving to Nebraska! :
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Do what lot's of people do here in SF for the bay to breakers.
Crash the party. get some friends to "support" you. and time yourself! I guess it would be harder with a triathalon but why not. It might make the sponsor take note and make the event bigger.

In SF Bay to breakers, probably about 20 % of the attendees are not registers and just along for the 7 mile block party!
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Good Idea, but participating as a bandit is forbidden

What I could/should do is find another one and stop complaining. Hubby is thinking about the exterra but way to hardcore for this semi couch potato! I like the touchy feely Danskin.
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Hi Kima, My girlfriend ran into the same problem with the Danskin 2 weeks ago. The thing I was supprised about was that it is still 3 months away. She is doing her first Triathlon in Pueblo this weekend. There are a lot of them listed in the Rocky Mountain Sports magazine that she highlighted early in the year. She is still looking for another one to do, pending the outcome of this weekends attempt.
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nopainnojane, I hope your friend has fun. There is one in Monument I think in June. It has more hills than the Danskin and the altitude is higher, water colder in all just a whole lot harder. I did it 4 years ago and while I was not last I was pretty close to last. Bonus is that Fat Tire is a sponser so free beer!

Oh well all in fun. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Tell you what, why not pop across to Scotland and check out the ythan challenge ?

Look upon it as a warm-up event!

It'll be well worth the trip - I can promise this as I'm one of the organisers!
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Scotski. Looks like fun! Questions what is meant by this
"but this is not an event for PBs" ?
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Kima - a PB is a "personal best". Same as your PRs.

Entries now over 100 (must update website!), so get yours in fast!

[img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Way to go on the triathlon, great to see people psyched about them!

I started doing them in 1982. Did the first Wash Park Triathlon (800 swim, 15.4 bike (7 laps), 5.5 run (2 laps on the outside, 1 lap on the inside).

They're a lot of fun and it sounds like you have the right attitude, which is just have fun. Me, I got all caught up in being hyper competitive and burned out. A lesson I remind myself in skiing.

Still though, I watch the Ironman every year. It's amazing how fast the times are now. But, I do believe the Dave Scott's marathon record in Hawaii (2:48) still stands. Dave Scott, what a man.

All I know is that there a lot of tough hombres in CO and some very fit dudes, dudettes. So it doesn't surprise me that the Danskin race filled up. Plus, that's the premier race now, isn't it?

So good for you and keep on "tri-in".

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Right you are SCSA. It’s all fun. Watched the Exterra last year in Keystone. Wow. Tough, tough folks. One guy, an amputee raced. Oh my god that was impressive. He did quite well. I think he is probably well known. Watched the Exterra Ironman on TV. A women, again who’s name I do not know, practically crawled the last miles. She was on all fours throwing up. We were yelling and cheering for her. What guts. Pretty amazing ppl out there doing amazing things you never hear about.
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I am in for this year Aug 3rd. Time to beat 01:35:38. Don't laugh I am slow. Time to get out the bike.
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I strongly recommend you NOT move to Nebraska [img]smile.gif[/img]

When I was living in LA, my wife and I were seriously competing in triathlons and ran into the same issues you are seeing. We later moved to a redneck little town in Missouri and thought "Well, at least we'll be the fastest people in town!" The first race I entered there was a little 5k. I sized up the field of 20 participants and laughed at how badly I was going to smoke these clowns.

I took 7th.

SEVENTH? I was used to finishing in the top 5 in my age group in races with fields of 200 or more! It seems that in these redneck little towns, there are no "casual racers." Everyone's either a 100% slob or bordering on elite [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Exactly Kevin. A couple of years ago while in Missouri for Thanksgiving we participated in a 10K turkey trot. I thought, like you, that I would do well. Now I am slow, but in Colorado I would typically be firmly in the middle of the pack. In Missouri the only folks that think it would be fun to run on a cloudy cold day in November are serious! Again, while I was not last I was damn close.
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Good on ya, K.

my summer project
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Originally posted by ryan:
Good on ya, K.

my summer project
OMG your a stud Ryan!! Very Impressive. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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"stud"? HA!!! you kidding? this thing, if i survive, will bring me to my knees, i already know it. my aim is to survive mostly intact.
truthfully, i'm hoping the fear factor - fear of suffering, namely - will keep my ass on the plan till the event.
kima, if i attempted this TODAY, i would crumble and evaporate very early into it.
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Ryan I stand by my statement, anyone that would sign up for that race is a stud.
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