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New racing skis for an ex racer

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Don't know if I should post here, or on the gear thread. 


I used to race back in my HS days, but after that I got myself some regular on piste skis in the performance range, because someone told me i'd have more fun on a softer ski, and it wouldn't suck so much getting lost in the moguls. Turns out they were wrong. I immediately noticed that it wasn't the same at all. The edge grip is so crappy on icy conditions. Therefore I want to go back to a racing ski for my next ski. I've been looking at the Fischer RC4 WC RC and the PRO. I used to ski on Fischer RC4s back in the day as well, and I was very happy with them. 


So I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with the skis mentioned above (from recent years), and which one I should get? Or if I should be looking in a completely different direction? Also, what length should I get? I'm 167. My longest current skis are 172, and my shortest are 165. I'm leaning towards either 170 or 175. I'm only going to use them on piste, mostly on icy and hard conditions, just for fun!  

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I will chime in because I own the Fischer Worldcup RC 180cm.  I am not an exracer, but I use this for beer league.  Maybe I suck, but I find this to be a lot of ski.  It isn't until the third gate that I get enough speed going to load them up.  Until then, they feel like two by fours.  I enjoy them for free skiing because I just go straight until i get the speed I need, but again, these things need to be moving.  Forget skidding your turns, they will get pissed. It definitely penalizes me in the gates when I am just a tad off driving things forward.  


I am thinking of demoing the Rossi Hero LT this weekend.  I am on the slalom version of this ski and it is truly something special.  Much more forgiving than a full on FIS slalom.  I am hoping I get the same feel from the LT version, a bit of forgiveness but still great edge grip. 


I would love to have some folks chime in about the fisher wc rc.  Curious to know if I am alone regarding the feeling of this ski.  

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How much vertical do you have to play with?

The Fischer RC4 WC SC is more fun on small (<400 ft vertical) hills - at your weight get 165 cm.

The Fischer RC4 WC RC should be fine for bigger hills - at your weight get 180 cm.

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Please clarify whether 167 is your weight in pounds or your height in cm.
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