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Does it still feel like you are about to fall over backwards and it's the boots/skis holding you up or did you find that the squat is easier because your COM is further forward?


getting your shins/boots a little more upright might help you here. (not squat deeper) but ski better balanced.


If you push your knees back just a little (remove the spoiler from your boots) I bet you could ski stronger and better balanced.


In that second image, if you look where your knees are in comparison to your feet you will notice that the knee is just out in front of your toes. In order to be balanced over the arch of your foot in this image with your shins slightly flexing the boot, you can draw a line straight down from your hip socket (I'm taking a guess looking at the picture) and the line would be somewhere behind your arch, between your arch and heel.


If you raise your toes (try shimming under the toe piece of your boot) with 2 layers of cardboard (like a cereal box top) to get about 2-3mm of lift and try again.

Or remove that spoiler (similar affect) I bet your knees would move back a little and you would stand taller. This would put your hip socket right over the center of your boot..


Since that image is in photobucket, I can't edit and draw on the image. (well I could if I had time to do a screen capture, save and edit) but I need to leave the house real soon.

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I was intentionally not relying on skis to hold me up, so the change should mostly because of the binding ramp angle. Pics aren't necessary, I understand what you are saying. I'll remove the spoiler and see how it feels tomorrow, unfortunately the local bump plowed all the bumps because of high temperature so that'll have to wait till next season.

Thanks! biggrin.gif
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second vid looks better. IMO your poles are getting in the way, you can try to shorten your pole or shorten your grip. Below is Jen Heil, her grip has the pinky around the metal shaft and the remaining three fingers on the normal part of the handle. You can even shorten it more,  I've seen grips where only the index and thumb is around the hand, the remaining fingers are around the metal shaft. 




As for the boots, the squat test tells me you have enough lean in the boots. You have to get your hip forward to stop using you back to absorb the bump. 

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Yeah my poles are sized for groomed trail so they are a bit long for bumps. I've actually tried the thumb/index on grip rest on pole grip, couldn't get a good grip when I need them for balance. Maybe I'll take my cheap trekking poles and see if a shorter one help.
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