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Curious as to what people think of the Wall Push.

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The wall push? Interesting?!?

The Wall Sit - now there is a test!!! I am in my mid 40's and I made the 3.5 minutes with lots to spare (at least 2 more seconds!!!!!).

Lets see how well the rest of ya' ll do!! :

I am taking a nap. [img]tongue.gif[/img] That damn test dogged me out!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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The Wall sit is the one exercise that I'm not that enthusuastic about anymore. An instructor at Whistler said that she thought it encouraged static skiing. I like to take the move to 90 degrees, then make very small up down movements.
Have fun, everybody!
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I agree with you. The Wall Sit is static. I don’t us it as an active exercise. Instead I use it as an indicator of leg fitness for skiing. I take this as a test about once each month. If I cannot make 3.5 to 4 minutes, I up my leg strength workouts (I am over 40).

The worst exercise I saw in the bunch was not the Wall Sit, it was the Step 4: Balance. If this is done as an exercise it will actually decondition the proprioception skills. It is appropriate for a TEST of balance but should be done only two or three times during the summer. Balance in skiing is always movement associated (with the exception of standing still in whiteout conditions, and the pre-hop part of a hop turn). The balance drill must also be movement oriented or the skier will disassociate the visual motion component of proprioception and when motion is reintroduced have difficulty with balance.

I water-ski/wakeboard in the summer for balance training. The definition of water-skiing? Power lifting on a 4” balance beam moving 35 mph.
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Has anyone here tried standing on one of those giant rubber exercise balls? It is great for balance and quad work if you do squating motions. Place you feet shoulder width apart on the ball. Make sure you have grips nearby!
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Maddog, I use the one legged balance for assesment, but I agree, it is pretty static. A killer thing to do, is a fore aft drill on one leg. Shift your weight back and forth from your heel to your toe.

Many people I know whose EXCLUSIVE form of exercise is Yoga, have a good deal of trouble with DYNAMIC balance and stabilization.

Biker, you need to be super, super, careful when doing standing exercises on the ball. Even Juan Carlos Santana, the "king" of balance exercise, tore his ACL while standing on a ball. Try the dyna disc or the wobble board.
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I'm way hot on the disc right now. It's great for practicing balance. I'll post some pics soon.

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