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Can anyone find me a deal?

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My wife is looking for a deal on a 175cm pair of Dynastar Intuitive 74's. Anybody know of a shop that might have a deal?

Thanks in advance,


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skis2000 [info@skis2000.com] had a pair of 69s for sale on eBay and corresponed with them (but not actually bought anything) about other models. I have no idea what they are or where they are.

Sorry could not be more helpfull.
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Bob, try this:

Email, or call and ask for Tom. Tell him Bill sent you.

How's the knee?

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Bob, I'll keep a look out. That's the least I can do after you found me those tele skis that I am finally mastering.

You know who, aka Irulan for the moment.
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Try Sean at http://www.skitrader.com

This is the website for http://www.skiisandbiikes.com

Very reliable (usually deliver skis within 24 hours) and have by far the best prices around. I've bought 3 pairs of skis from them.

Good luck!
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I rep for a shop on the east coast and can usually improve a bit on the already sweet prices listed on the website.

You should drop me an email so they know "Brian" sent you.

Think Snow!
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm in the middle of volunteering for the course crew on the Men's Downhill at Snowbasin. I'll check these sites as soon as I get a few free minutes.

Eberharter won the first training run today, Ralves was third. This course rocks and the weather forecast looks pretty good.

Hold on to your hats - the Men's Downhill is this Sunday. Women's is Monday. The women's course forerunners hit 84mph yesterday in a test run. Yikes.


Irulan - nice to hear from you again. I didn't realize that was your nom de plume. I'm glad those skis are working.
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yes bob, it's me, you didn't think I'd gone for good, just regrouping. (sorry for the pun)I'm the bitchinest intermediate tele gal around but of course I have to go out in bondage gear regularly. :

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