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How's Whiteface

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I will be skiing at Whiteface (lake placid) 3 days in March and I was wondering what's interesting there... Good deals on the tickets and what nice places to visit around there?

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Just returned yesterday from NYS HS states Monday and Tuesday - Its still Iceface to me. Top of the Summit and gondola were windblown and very firm. I hope your 3 days are towards the end of march. Check the web site for coke Wed. and perhaps liftopia. Had great meals at smoke signals and the cottage.

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thanks, will be mid-march - so no point getting my fat skis (78s) - just the skinny carvers then :)

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I'm not sure about the above post about iceface... seems like some are buying into Vermont's marketing strategy.


I was just over at Whiteface.  I thought the skiing was excellent.  Sure like all mountain tops windbuff and the east coast has been cold but Iceface... c'mon.  We're having the best year in a long time and Whiteface is reaping the benefits of soft powdery snow.  The sides of the trails and the woods all still have really good soft snow.  And the crowds were nearly non-existant (if you get away from the Gondola).


As the weather warms in late March the mountain should soften up by mid morning and the skiing should be great.  I'd suggest bring your gs carvers for early morning and then break out the fatties as it things begin to soften up.


I second the liftopia suggestion

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I'll agree about the trail sides and woods conditions. Did it snow in Wilmington between last Monday and your trip? Off any of the lifts last week I thought it was the firmest of all the east coast skiing skiing I've done all year. We have skied 30+ days in the east this year, with none in Vermont and think WF in general was the firmest of them all.

Mid March the place should be the warmed up and be ideal for some GS off the top.
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WF is fantastic if you are an advanced Eastern skier. All three peaks only have 1 blue trail, so if you're a blue skier you may not love WF as these get congested and scraped off quickly. If you like steep hard pack, WF can't be beaten. Each peak has multiple steep, interesting trails down that stay relatively empty even on a weekend because they intimidate most skiers who aren't experts. As a result, these advanced trails don't usually become the ice fields that the blues become and give WF the Iceface rep it can't shake. Personally, I love it. The advanved trails range from classic steep winding (Cloudspin) to large open drops (Skyward, Slides, Hoyt's). If you are a blue or low black skier, you would enjoy Gore much more.
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Sounds yummy. Thanks
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