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Skier's Edge Ski Trainer

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Does anyone have one of the Skier's Edge ski trainers? They are advertised in the ski magazines and I got the video and brochure from them. Thinking of buying one to keep me in shape and it is sport specific.

Any opinions on them would be appreciated.

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Ty, I've got one and so do a few other people on this forum. It's very well made and company service is excellent. The trainer provides for a great workout and helps balance but it isn't skiing! In fact I first got one when I was a true novice and I managed to ingrain faulty movements that my instructor helped remove in a day or two. What feels ok on the skier's edge may not actually work too well on snow, sort of like hitting golf balls into a net 10 feet away, it seems ok til you watch it disappear left or right on the course. Aside from that it is fun and I still use it before and during the ski season. skidoc
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