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Best shop in Montreal area?

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I've had some bad experiences with shops in the past, one was so bad they had to replace my skis.. which is why I've come to this forum to learn more about the process and the more I read the more I realize how important it is to take your ski's to the right person. I'm going to maintain my side edges myself but I want to go somewhere that will do a good job flattening my bases and setting proper base and side bevels. Does anyone have a shop they highly recommend for tune ups in the Montreal area? Or Saint Sauveur, Tremblant, Eastern Townships, etc.. I'm willing to drive to get the job done right. Thanks!

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GS ski shop in Sutton - they have sometimes been aggressive with shop tunes they've done for me, but there's a good chance the skis needed it after all the roots and rocks.    They have never failed to give me a very good edge and a reasonably fast base.    By 'reasonably fast' I mean skiable in both rain-saturated glop and on hyper-cold manmade.

Otherwise, :dunno 

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