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Toes feel numb after skiing

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I recently handed down my old pair of boots to a friend. After removing the boots, his toes feel numb and get the pins and needles feeling. He feels it progressively from the outside toe, moves in to the other toes, and the big toes are not affected. There is some pretty significant heel lift in the boots, so I'm wondering if there's an easy way to remove a little bit of it and still make a progressive ramp down. He does have limited dorsiflexion, so some heel lift is needed. He's also not interested in seeing a boot fitter because he doesn't feel he skis well enough to spend money on them. So a homemade solution is desired. Would sandpaper work?


His previous pair was rental boots, and very sloppy. So fixing this is definitely the better solution.

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odds are the boots are way too big, he is over tightening them, and causeing numb feet.    As the boots are too big, the heel lifts


bootfitters might be able to help, if the shell fit it close.


beginners need boot fitters the MOST,   a better skier has skills and can make do, as they have ability.   Beginners need all the help they can get..    Most solutions are $40 or less.

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There definitely not to big, and are not being over tightened. The buckles over the feet can be closed with one finger. His previous pair was bigger, and these are snug by comparison. There is still some room for him to wiggle his toes. There is some hell lift, but it's minor.


I'm not sure what the problem could be.

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On Mountain Lions theme, how do you know the boots aren't too big?


On another Why do you think removing some of the boot ramp angle will help the problem?  If he has limited dorsiflexion,  ramp angle generally helps.



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 I can't be sure that they're too big or not.


I know the heel lift helps for dorsiflexion, but I suspected he's getting numb toes because the top of the boot is pushing down a bit too much on the foot. What else could cause it?

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Many other things could cause it and right now you need to take your finger off the trigger of the shotgun and determine what is causing it without making permanent changes to things that alter stance and balance as an experiment.


You may be correct there is too much pressure on his instep, so why not remove the footbed in the liner and let him ski like that to determine if it helps or what the effect is.  Removing it will lower his foot and may reduce pressure without being a permanent change.  If it works then you can figure out if you should make a permanent boot change and just leave it that way.



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