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KIds first week skiing

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My kids made it through their first week of ski lessons at winter park. My 4 year old daughter spent the day on the magic carpet, and enjoyed herself even though it was quite cold. My son who is 8 did much better then i thought he would. He was nervous going into the lesson about riding the ski lift. I didn't actually think he would ride the ski lift on his first day.  I was shocked when i saw him skiing with his group on one of the beginner runs. He was already making nice turns and looked to be having a good time and also was in control. They have two more weeks of lessons so hopefully the progress continues.

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Today was the last day of the minnows program for the kids. My daughter went from a level 1 to a level 2 and no longer needs the edgie wedgie. My son went from a level one to a level four. They both had a lot of fun and i was quite happy with the progress they both made. Here is a pic of my sons class..he is the one in the green helmet.



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Sounds like the kids will be raring hit the slopes in the future.  Are you going to take them for some fun spring skiing?

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Yes, I will take them some more this year. It was almost like spring skiing today. It was like 42 degrees at the base of the mountain .

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We had a fun day at winter park. It was really warm,which does not help much for extending this season , but we will enjoy it as long as we can. They are both able to follow me down the beginner trails,so we spent the day on the porcupine trail lol.

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