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Chatter Creek, British Columbia-GAME ON There.

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Most Pacific Northwesterner's are well aware of the effects that El Nino has put on our area resorts. Lack of snow and some resorts closing up shop for the season. It seems that I've been on one road trip after another in search of that quality snow. We'll I found it this past weekend at Chatter Creek in British Columbia.

                                                  How I have longed for that "Cold Smoke"


Our first day we awoke to the crisp air of the Canadian Rockies and Bluebird skies. Our guides got us into the goods right off the bat. It had been a little while since some of us had the chance to ski soft snow.

                                                                         Deseri getting her Game On!


A little warm up to check stability and then we were off to one of Chatter Creeks iconic pillow Fields. Damn, those are fun. We played in this zone for three runs getting our fair share of freshies, air, bumps, crashes and steeps. 


                                                                      Man Eating Pillows!                           skier:John Witt


                            Videographer Tim Sorenson dropping the camera bag to Drop into the Pillow Line


The pillows are more like riding a bucking Bronco, Hang on and let er buck!


                                                      Soft snow and Bluebird skies, Yeah Baby!


We moved around to a different exposure in the afternoon where it was more wide open cruising and an opportunity for the girls to do there traditional "Naked on Top" photo.


                                                           Desi and Valerie  "Naked on Top"


Day 2 same scenario except we flipped over the Clamshell and dropped into the Oyster Bowl for some big wide open spaces. With solid stability, our guides thought there might be a chance we could ski the Black Pearl a run that has been skied in over two winters. A little cutting out of the cornice for our entrance and we were dropping into a c huge that had a 45-50 degree pitch for a few hundred meters. Damn, dropping into that entrance gave you a little pucker factor!


                                                You want Steeps, Chatter has STEEPS!


                                                              Chatter Creeks Big Tenure


Throughout the rest of the day we played in South Park with some wide open cruising and a few steep, technical lines if you chose. You can bet we chose! 

                                 Brad Albert discussing his line with the input from Guide Brodie.


Overall great trip and some pretty sweet snow quality.


Here's a short video from our first morning in the pillow fields. Enjoy


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Damn!  Your reports always get me going!!:beercheer:

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Great pics.  I bet you are glad you went last week!  

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Nice! I'm missing making the trips, especially with the conditions we've had this year. I'm getting a little tired of the White Ribbon of Death to the chair bases this year. Add in that we haven't had a full mountain to ski for over a month and it's getting a little old. Glad you guys hit it well.

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We had the opportunity to go last year but would have had to commit in August for the trip in February last year and I don't like to bet on snow to that extent.

However, it snowed right before my friends went and they really were impressed with the terrain and the service. They also had a great time!!

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FinnDog- We lucked out as it was plenty cold to suck out any of the moisture from any warming earlier. Bluebird skies was simply the icing on the cake. Thanks for the comment.

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TrickySr- All the BC Cat skiing ops are selling out every year now. It's just a chance you just have to take. I have been on dozens of trips over the years and have only been skunked a couple of times. It's not always about the skiing anyways, but it definitly helps! It's well worth the risk.

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Freeride--It's amazing that it has gotten to that point but I'm sure the operators like it that way. I guess I will have to look for La Nina and then book it. There are so many operations to chose from these days, which do you prefer?

We went to Red last spring but were lucky they got 8-12 the day before we got there. We were talking about hitting Red, Whitewater, and Fernie in the next month but with the "snowcast," we'll probably just stay south.

Skiing has been good @Lost Trail again this year(80+) inch base. 13"-15" new again last weekend. If you ever  head, this way give us a shout.

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Amazing!  We went to Monashee last year and had similar conditions.  The pillow skiing you guys did was awesome!  Very..very cool!  Naked on top is a good tradition as well.  Thanks for sharing.  Bummed we didn't go this year...once you get out of the rotation its hard to get back in. 

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Nice! What camera are you guys using to shoot the vid footage?

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Nice!  I definitely want to check that place out some year...

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sooneron-I'm using the Sony NX-5U. Decent camera but I would like to upgrade in the near future to possibly the Sony NEX FS700. We'll see! Thanks for watching the segment.

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I would suggest going with the FS-7. Better DR and better all around camera these days. 

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