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Hi people!

I'd like to take my 12 year old son on a trip around the 20th of March, once his competitive hockey season is over. I just don't know where to go this year. We were looking into Alyeska but its not looking very encouraging. I've been to Jackson, Steamboat, Revy, Lake Louise in the last couple years, and will be going to Taos in about a week (pray). I'm thinking Jackson/Grand Targhee given the conditions.

We're both pretty advanced skiiers which basically now means he's better than i am....we ski Revy alot and he skis everything including the North and South bowls/hikes etc. Revy's not great this year either. Oh, we're also not really Vail-ish people from what i can glean. For example we decided on Taos when we were originally thinking of going to Vail because i was incensed by the cost of accommodations/lift tickets etc.


Thoughts and suggestions welcomed!

Thanks all,