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cost of skiers thumb

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Just a note.

The repair of my torn ulnar-collateral ligament came to a total of about $10,000
Insurance picked up all but about $2k.

It didn't hurt like $10K, but I'm happy about the repair.


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CalG, did you injure it skiing?

My wife tore her UCL a couple years ago when she went over the bars on a snowmobile.
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Oh ya Skiing. Though hardly.

A Group of us hooligans were gathering up before the plunge down "Rip Cord". I pulled in around the back of the group, into the crap at the edge of the trail and "fell over". I wouldn't call that skiing!

The damage was the same.

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My “skier’s thumb” happened while playing football. A really great sport if you don’t like body parts like thumbs and knees. The problem was that with skiing following immediately on the football season, my thumbs (and fingers) did not have much chance to heal.

I should note that the current handgrips on poles are far superior to anything from years ago. Now I seldom have significant new problems with the hands. Just the old osteoarthritis blues.

CalG: Time should heal this problem, provided that you let it heal before you go out and rack it up again. Don’t do what I did below!!!

True story: I caught my right little finger in a helmet facemask while playing high school football. I was flagged for face masking and nearly thrown out of the game when I wouldn’t let go (the finger was trapped under the mask, broken backwards. Letting go would have meant loosing the finger). The trainer had to unscrew the mask to get my finger out. He then pulled my finger straight and placed it in a card stock paper splint. He wrapped it in athletic tape and I played every game and practice for the remainder of the season. Damn that hurt!!! For years I had a 45-degree bend in the finger at the broken joint. You have to love the coaching staff for their care and concern!!!
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Damaged on Sunday
Doctor on Wed.
Surgery Friday
Ski again on Saturday and Sunday and then a ski patrol sled handling clinic the next week end.

I didn't miss a beat, though 'skied poleless and with a plastic support for two months.

It feels ok when I move it around now.

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