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Head Vector 115

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Has anyone skiing with the Head Vector 115's?

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  I have a pair of them and its sort of a love hate thing with them (mostly love).  The shell is very roomy of course.  The comfort level is great.  When you first get them its best to heat the liners then put them on.  After that the boot is something you can put on and forget not being comfortable.  These boots do not need someone to punch them out or boot fitter of any sort unless you have extremely wide feet.  I am an instructor so comfort is a must when teaching.  Also they run very hot.  I have never been cold in them even when its a -30 wind chill out.  That can be a bad thing though when its not completely friged your feet run hot.


  The bad thing about them is the shell size.  They are roomy which is why you would buy them.  I find that after racing or generally after a few spirited runs they need buckled up more.  Seems the liners get packed out very fast and then you would be off looking for some intuition or other liners.  The heel pocket is good but I have got a blister on the inside of one of my heels.  Sort of means the boot is not holding my foot in place as much as I would like.  Always have appreciated the Head boot flex.  They don't fold in on themselves like other boots and feel good flexing.  The boot is way better than most but don't expect a race boot fit either.  Which again is why you buy them. 


  On the flip side I recently purchased a Fischer Vacuum boot.  So far I have bought custom insoles $150 and had them fit at another $50 an hour...  Still not as comfortable as the Head boot.  The whole experience of skiing though feels a lot more direct with the Fischer.  My advice if you want a boot that feels good all day get the vector.  I don't think you would regret it, however if you are racing... get a race boot and spend tons trying to get it to fit till it doesn't hurt for the hour your racing.

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I have the Head Vector 120 from 2012.  I would echo the comments above, although I'm not sure I would say that they feel less "direct".  However, not having experience with real race boots, perhaps this is true.  It seems they fit a duck-foot shape best: narrow, tightly-held heel and wider, more roomy forefoot/toe-box.  I got mine ground a bit to accommodate a huge bunion on my big-toe side and they have been sock-like comfort since.  I don't think the liner packed too quickly, but I notice now, after about 60+ days on them, that I am buckling them tighter.  Flex feels sturdy and pretty linear.  I like mine a lot.

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I got Head Vector 115's this year. I bought them because of the 6 pairs of different brands in the same performance range I tried on they clearly fit me the best. I find them very comfortable, relatively easy to get on and off, and reasonably warm. I don't have much to compare them to performance wise, but they seem to be a good match for my new skis - 170 cm Fischer Progressor 900's. Compared to the Dalbello DX7's I'd been wearing for the previous 10+ years, they feel softer front to back but stiffer side to side which I think is a good thing. I'm quite happy with them, but again, I can't compare them to similar models from other boot companies. No mods except baking the liners and canting adjustment by the bootfitter when I bought them.

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