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Hey Guys,


I am almost a full year out from an ACL/PCL rupture and reconstruction. I also ruptured my MCL at the same time, and I think that is actually what is giving me the most trouble right now. I have been skiing regularly, but just in the midwest and my knee has been holding up alright without any brace, just tape. I will however, be heading out west next week and plan to get a bit more aggressive. Does anybody have any recommendations on good braces to help with the MCL instability and also maybe to provide some ACL/PCL protection. My ortho isn't really a believer in bracing, but I would like to try it in an attempt to reduce some of the pain and inflammation I have been experiencing while skiing. Like I said, I think the ACL and PCL are pretty stable, but I am having a significant amount of swelling and pain around the MCL. Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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I've had a torn MCL for about 10 years in my left knee and a partial tear in my right a couple of years ago. Almost a year ago,  I tore my my L ACL and meniscus and had it operated on(hamstring graft). I have just done a few days this year at the local hill in Indiana. The knee feels pretty good stability wise but also swells and gets sore after a day of skiing. I skipped an out west trip this year cause I worried about skiing back to back days, and I guess the conditions have not been great anyways.


I am a huge believer in braces but I don't know how much they are going to help in the area you want. They are more for when something goes wrong, not the usual motions. They won't start stabilizing your knee until it in a position it should not be. Maybe try taping it up some to add for the small stability problems? Or hit the PT harder?


That said, I run CTI OTS ligament braces made by OSSUR and I love them. They are expensive so hopefully you can get a prescription. With your knee damage you should not have a problem, just go to a different doc if yours will not get behind you.


Other medical grade braces are donjoy, townsend...


Or if you buy braces on your own there are several marketed to the motocross community(my background) that would still work great around the $200- to 300 range. POD k700 are good ones. Stay away from Asterick, they are not good for MCL stability IMO. Hope that helps 


edit...just saw you were already taping...

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My recommendation (based on no medical training in the least) is compression tights.  I have done pretty much the full monte in both knees.  Never got the left ACL repaired.  Right ACL is replaced and I tore both MCL and my right LCL.  I have tried several combinations and made adjustments along the way.  I'm now skiing with a brace on my left knee to prevent hyperextention (tweaked it the beginning of January and it is just now starting to feel better).  I also wear Opedix Compression tights.  My guess is your MCL will thank you.


Before the compression tights, I had to ice quite often.  Not anymore to include two days straight in a bump clinic.



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My ortho prescribe an OSSUR Rebound hinged brace when I damaged my MCL. I see them on Amazon and EBay for under $100
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