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Bubble in Top Sheet

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I noticed a bubble in the middle of the top sheet of one of my skis.  Assume I can fix it with some epoxy and clamps.  Any recommendations on the best way to inject the epoxy into the bubble without cutting it?  Thanks!

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Don't see how you can avoid cutting it. But remember to use marine epoxy.
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Good reminder to use marine epoxy, thanks.  


Was hoping someone might have some bright ideas on how to inject the epoxy via a syringe or something into the bubble. Maybe the epoxy would be too thick to do that? 

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Topsheet?  Are you a curator? :D 

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Probably best to provide a photo.
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Haven't been able to get a good picture of it thus far.  
Essentially it looks to me like a delamination has started in the middle of the top of the ski causing the bubble I described earlier.  It's about an inch in diameter, so it doesn't extend to the sidewall.  I just noticed it so not sure if it is getting any bigger.  I can push it down, thus was thinking it just needs some epoxy and clamps.  Maybe I should just monitor it for a while and see if it gets worse.
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