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Magic in Vermont

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I was stunned at how great the skiing was at Magic Mountain on Sunday. 6 inches of fresh, dry powder that was left ungroomed was paradise. The character of Magic Mountain is also unparalleled for its 'retro' feel - low key, laid back, 'homey'. They also have a policy of allowing anyone to skin up the mountain! My dog, Unix,  and I did 1700 vertical feet in a leisurely hour and a half.


When you get to the top they give you a voucher for a free lift ride. So you get some free turns as well! We skied down and Unix loved it ! He is already used to biking with me so running next to me was a cinch! I just had to make my turns slow and BIG. And some wedge for speed control. He usually goes with me cross country and loves the snow. His big furry paws seem not to collect snow until 2 hours or more - there was no problem that day as the snow was exceptionally dry and soft.


I did some on piste (just a blue square) and some in the trees. The slopes were uncrowded. Maybe I saw 10 people at most on any given run. Probably because they only have a double chairlift running. (And I only took two runs - the one I earned and the free one) Although a fit skier could probably make 6 runs in a day - for free.!


The après events were varied.


At night there was a torchlight parade.


And then there were fireworks


What a splendid day. And what an excellent Vermont mountain on a nice day.

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I saw you and your pup on my way down. It was an epic day and a great first time for me at Magic. Won't be my last.
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