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Adult woman -Small Feet

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My feet have been measured at 21. I usually wear a 2 in regular shoes. I've only found that Dalbello makes a women's size 21 KR 2 Lotus but I can't find them in stock anywhere. I'm a beginner skier but it's always an issue when I rent. Kids boots. Kids ski. Or boots way too big (size 4) to put me on adult skis. I'm finding it difficult to improve my skiing and have found I'm getting worse instead. I've been told I'm better off getting my own boots. Am I better off just going with a kids boot and buying junior skis? I'm 5"2 110 pounds so I'm too big for some skis/bindings. The boots I've found have a 40 flex and not sure if thats ok for an adult. But most likely they won't fit in any adult rental skis
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Post in the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum, after searching there first for others with the same issue. (Pretty sure there have been some.) 40 seems pretty soft. There is much more to boot fitting than "size," so recommending models is generally useless unless you are actually a bootfitter. In general for adults with decent musculature but very small feet, junior race boots can be an option, because they come in smaller sizes but are stiff enough to be driven by an adult.

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Your best bet will be junior race boots which will be stiff enough for an adult and have the added advantage that many will fit in adult bindings so you don't have to buy kids skis and bindings.  Lange makes a 21.5, Head makes a 22 and Nordica goes as small as 18, but it is unclear if that size will fit adult bindings, my guess is not.  But, absolutely your best bet is to work with a competent and knowledgeable boot fitter, not just someone who sells boots in a big box sporting goods store. Go to the "Ask teh Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology and then check the "Who's Who" to see if there is a boot fitter listed near you.  If there is, call and make an appointment.  If there isn't, ask and someone will be able to recommend a boot fitter.  Having boots that actually fit your feet will give your skiing a huge boost, so do it right.

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