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Walk barefoot on a rope?

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LM - I was just reading the training plan thread. Do you mean a really big fat rope? Like walking on a balance beam or something? Do you nail the rope to the ground so it won't roll away, or is this like a lumberjack games thing?

On the same note, you talked about picking up marbles with your toes. I broke both of my arms at the same time a few years ago. You should see what I can do with my feet now. Opening doors, operating the TV remote, even playing a little Playstation. I never was able to eat with them though, I'm not that flexible.

Anyway, I get foot cramping sometimes, so maybe some kind of foot exercises could help. GMOL put a slot in my footbeds for my platar tendons and that helped a lot, but there's always room for improvement.
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Hey Epic!! Nailing down the rope is called "cheating"!

The foot cramp thing could be a circulation issue. Something to look into.
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